First Year’s Promise to Be Single

By KEMUMA Divinah

“Flying solo is better than being in a relationship plunge”, says one first year student.

It’s two weeks since I was admitted in campus and I believe that I will make it. However, some people feel destined for loneliness immediately after getting out of a relationship and even have a thought in mind that they are the only ones surrounded by happy couples around.

I believe that while staying single, I will be independent and stress free. I will have time to get down the ideal of who I am. I can as well do what I want at any time without checking in with someone. I have ever seen in some relationships, someone keeps on checking where you‘re, who you’re with and what you are doing. Actually, this will hinder your freedom to build yourself and stand for your own as well.

People who have chosen to be single like me will have little time with their phones and more time to mould themselves. Just think of how much time is saved by eliminating unnecessary chats with your partner and solving petty cases on mistrust. Indeed the saved time will be an enough investment on you.
In a relationship, there is draining of one’s pocket for dinners, outings, gifts among others. You will realize that if you save that money it will help you in the long run.

To be in a relationship means compromise, when you are single any compromise you make is with yourself. Single life will always help one to be free to pursue own passions, follow their dreams and live own life.
When single your time will always be your own, you need not to explain, talk about what you want to do or seek permission to do something. Therefore, spending your time will be a choice not a negotiation.

Also, committed relationships deny you an opportunity to live a social life. It will take away the time you need to reach other people from different aspects of life. It’s true that after one breaks from a relationship they know a few people to interact with. It is even pathetic to watch out for someone ‘fresh’ to start a new relationship with. This is as a result of one forgetting how hard it is to get laid in the world of singles.
Generally, learn to be yourself, hold your dignity and self esteem and all will flow your way. Relationships are time bound and they need not to stress you. Do not be so and so because of… just build your own popularity, success and future for a better long lasting relationship.


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