The Process Is as Important as the Destination


Every campus student dreams to land into good paying job and a good life whichever their definition of good is. They concentrate on the final dream rather than the journey that will land them there. What most students do not realize is that the journey is just as important as the destination. A journey with accident may not take you to your destination alive thus lots of preparation and planning must be done. The means you use when on the journey determines the arrival time and even the safety. Thus, to reach the destination, students must realize that it requires one to be equipped with practical skills, experiential learning and leadership skills that transcend exam results.

Several times we have heard grumble and whine from the corporate world that our graduates are half-baked after four years of lectures and assignments. First, our system of education is to blame for this for it is one which is exam oriented and leaves student focused on result rather than the knowledge and skills. There is also reluctance among students to invest in practical within their areas of studies and also in learning leadership skills.

Clubs and societies within campus is a good arena for learning such skills though few students give a thought to join them. They tend to believe that having a first class degree from campus is a gate pass to becoming a CEO of an insurance company. To such students you need to realize that knowledge is not power though a potential power. The knowledge you acquire in class only becomes power when you organize it into a definite plan of action and directed to a definite end. The clubs and societies you ignore are the best avenue to learn on how to organize and direct your knowledge and transmute it into success.

You want to be the CEO of that company? Or an editor-in- chief of Nation Media Group? Then start now. One of my lecturers once told me that if you need to be a leader start now by acting like one. Don’t wait for a fancy title or the corner office to be a leader. Plan well and ensure you have a sound voyage in order to have a safe landing at your destination.

Use the clubs and societies as platforms to make you think and communicate like a leader long before you will become a CEO of an insurance company, editor in chief or the principal of that school where you will be posted.

If you are doing journalism studies, and you admire to be that outstanding news anchor you look after, join the journalism clubs in your campus, write articles, edit, lead and learn. That way you will equip yourself with the knowledge and the practical skills required in the field.

For education to help you realize your dreams, you must rise in both the formal lessons in class and use the holidays to learn, dream, innovate, initiate and participate. Plan to have as many attachments and internships as possible as they will help you learn, network with people in that profession and eventually land on a good job. Remember a dream can only be realized after much activity. The knowledge acquired in class alone will not attract success unless you organize it and intelligently direct it through practical plans of action.


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