Should I Pirate or Rent?


A first year lady student is worried about where to reside after being given a room in D Houses and finds that no students have been living there and grass and other vegetation have occupied everywhere to an extend that it is even a challenge to clean it by mopping or cutting the grass down

‘Am so shocked that whatever room is shown online in the booking site is not how the rooms look like, they are so down for one to live in,’ the lady complained. Worse still when the lady tried to reach the accommodation director the response she was given is that “I am in town and will see you over the weekend” which is yet to happen. If the director is not ready to reach the comrades and attend to their problems then who should do it? Now it dawns on me that MUSO is not for comrades but for the 11 out to fill their bellies.

What has also shocked me is that the university seems not to have prepared enough to welcome first years for its now a week but some of the freshmen in Hostel G have not received beds despite having followed the tedious process of securing rooms. With mattresses only, some of them are forced to sleep on the floor. The hostels were to be decked to accommodate four but this is yet to happen as only three beds are available in the rooms.

Some hostels are not worthy living in. At night some key areas like the toilets and the kitchens don’t have proper lighting. Honeymoon is over Mr. Guyo, wake up and serve comrades. The issue of lighting in the hostels has become like a song, we don’t want to repeat it again not unless you are proving to us that our demands land on your deaf ears.

To the comrades, in as much as we complain we should mind other people’s health for its very important. For those who are fond of leaving their shit after visiting the toilets undrained please do so by pouring water so that we don’t have the increased itching issues and more so Urinary tract infections common in ladies. This has been the news in the campus and the main sickness that is being talked of at the dispensary.

Hostel cleaners are using T-shirts in cleaning as brushes. The reason behind it is that they reported but no concern has been shown over that. ‘tunataka kazi na hatujapewa duster zingine,ndio maana nakuja na fulana kupanguza,’ said a cleaner in one of the hostels. Guyo should liaise with those concerned and get things going on the right way.

Mind our well being and all will be well with you as you serve otherwise impeachment pap!


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