Making It to Moi University

By ONDUKO Fridah

I had never found myself in such a situation before. I was always among the first on the queue, however, I had been held up in the office over some trivial issue. I sat near the serving place and waited anxiously. I waited and waited. Each passing moment only served to increase my already huge appetite. My eyes could not help roving greedily over other students’ plates. My mouth watered as I watched someone chomping away at a whole salted avocado. I swallowed convulsively like a python swallowing a prey.

When my turn came, Mr. Masamu, the cook threw a minute piece of the treasured ugali which landed with a muted thud splashing the almost non-existent soup. “Move!” he barked. I stood my ground and tried unsuccessfully to catch his eyes for some more pieces. He paid me no heed. My reluctant feet dragged me to a nearby table where I hastily sat down.

Having worked my appetite to an abnormal frenzy, I shared at the little food with such loathing. Not only did I decide to attack my food from all sides but I also gluttonously and feasted on other people’s plates using my eyes. Snaking out my hand, I tightly squeezed the miserable piece of ugali into a tight ball. I then inserted the clod into the vegetable bowl and allowed it to soak up well. Within one second, I was through with my supper.

Life continued that way till I was through with high school. Since high school was prison-like, I thought Moi University was the same. But I was wrong. The first day I reported to Moi University I was confused. I was really mesmerized where to start from. Fortunately, after alighting from the bus, I found some students selling maps. I saw it better to buy one which would assist me to locate every place in the university. They were selling at Kshs 50 each. Later on, I came to realize that the students were innovating ways of making money from the confused first years.

Since passports and photocopies of some documents was one of the requirements, I was forced to fulfill the requirements. I later found out that those who were doing the photocopy had increased the price double of what was there before.

After being admitted, I saw it better to stroll around the compound. The first thing that I was eager to see was the fence. I started looking for it. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be seen. “Moi is a very big university covering numberless acres of land!” One of the continuing students told me

As if that was not enough, it was a hard time for us to locate certain places where we were told to assemble. For instance, when we told to assemble in HL1 for orientation, we looked for it to no avail. The only option was to ask the students where it was. They ended up directing us to hostel H and began laughing at us

The writer is a 1st year in the School of Arts and Social Sciences



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