Joy Riding Is Over, 28th SGC Should Know


When the likes of Allan Wadi say that the 28th SGC is made up of Toddlers, some people get offended by it but I tend to conquer with him. If I was Duale then I would stand in front of the directors and tell them “MUSO si ya mama yenu.” Seriously I would not apologize for that because of the notion that a comrade is always right. If you doubt it then what you need to do is refer to the notion again. We went to the ballot with all the vigour, we wanted Boit out and we made a lot of Bwarley-Omondi noise. I can now confidently say that I don’t expect much from the current SGC.

Let’s now take a look at the directors and see if we see any hopes of a miracle coming out of them. Take Entertainment for instance, by the way hope you saw what happened at the so called FRESHAZ IGNITE. How on earth do you charge Ksh.150 for something that has no artist of substance? I don’t mean that Topaz is not of substance but who is he? What has he produced? I know First years were being initiated into the campus life but really? All we need is quality. Comrades will always be ready to pay dearly but if only they are assured of quality in exchange for their cash. Bishar should take note.

For the case of accommodation, Guyo seems confused and probably is not aware of what is expected of him. He is a great friend of mine but at times I doubt whether it has dawned on him that he is now a member of the SGC? The recent demo by the elders was not necessary because with the help of his colleagues he would have sorted out the problem and reported to the students the resolutions. In Swahili it is termed as hujuma to subject an elder who has just less than two months in Moi to such a demonstration.

Guyo needs to step up as the security and accommodation director. Time of merry and partying is long gone we now need performance.

For Catering and Health directors I don’t have a word for them but probably I would say they are just scarecrows. For sure they are just filling up the positions to make the number 11. My friend Geoffrey Omondi and Justin Safari should stop being “Poridge” It is said that if you are afraid then go to church. I also advice the two to do so if they can’t withstand the responsibility vested on them by the students. The chairman is my long time friend but from the look of things he seems to be too scared even to kill a fly. I do not mean that you guys should be radical but we need you to show that you have the interest of the comrades at heart. The success of the 28th SGC will depend on their team work and not team work in joy riding but team work in service delivery.


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