Elders Play the Chaperon

By ROGERS Otieno

“We put our children in the hands of you people, the elders; because we think we can trust you”

These were the words of a parent to me when she brought her daughter to campus on Monday, 21 September 2014. She saw the university as a nest of vipers where her daughter was at risk and decided to lay the burden of chaperon on an elder, me.

Before I forget, a chaperon is an adult who accompanies one or more young ones during a social occasion usually with specific intent of preventing social or sexual interactions or unacceptable behaviors. I have decided to share this with other elders who have turned themselves into Casanova-romantic and gallant ready to give amorous attention to first year ladies who are also quixotic-having desire to do noble and romantic deeds share their beauties with others, its part of the bounty she brings to the world.

I do not want to play the holier than thou, but my concern is that elders should spare the 96-97 generation who are still tender and petit for the freedom and the so called campus love. To me a child does not become his or her father by putting on shoes or trouser of the dad. So first years being in the university does not necessarily mean they are old and mature for this. It’s fate (double intake) that has prematurely landed them here. So to fellow elders let’s take it our burden to bear, guiding and counseling our new brothers and sisters. Though few of them may not be receptive to counseling and advice, thinking they ‘big’ but let’s do it to those willing and ready to give a listening ear.

To the freshmen, academic life demands for sacrifice that for the good, one must deny self certain gratification. You need to forgo some pleasures and company for the sake of your education. You need to take to bed the bad habits you developed in high school. University life is not for male or female feet, NO, this university is for strong feet that will carry focused and open-minded. One must develop a strong heart and a thick skin to absorb the challenges that comes a long and a self that is ready to learn new ideas and habits.

Jean Sibelous once equipped that a statue has never been erected in honour of a critic and I would like to borrow from him and aver that a statue will not be erected here in Moi for you having slept with most women or men or for having been a frequent visitor to F2.


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