Joy Riding Is Over, 28th SGC Should Know


When the likes of Allan Wadi say that the 28th SGC is made up of Toddlers, some people get offended by it but I tend to conquer with him. If I was Duale then I would stand in front of the directors and tell them “MUSO si ya mama yenu.” Seriously I would not apologize for that because of the notion that a comrade is always right. If you doubt it then what you need to do is refer to the notion again. We went to the ballot with all the vigour, we wanted Boit out and we made a lot of Bwarley-Omondi noise. I can now confidently say that I don’t expect much from the current SGC.

Let’s now take a look at the directors and see if we see any hopes of a miracle coming out of them. Take Entertainment for instance, by the way hope you saw what happened at the so called FRESHAZ IGNITE. How on earth do you charge Ksh.150 for something that has no artist of substance? I don’t mean that Topaz is not of substance but who is he? What has he produced? I know First years were being initiated into the campus life but really? All we need is quality. Comrades will always be ready to pay dearly but if only they are assured of quality in exchange for their cash. Bishar should take note.

For the case of accommodation, Guyo seems confused and probably is not aware of what is expected of him. He is a great friend of mine but at times I doubt whether it has dawned on him that he is now a member of the SGC? The recent demo by the elders was not necessary because with the help of his colleagues he would have sorted out the problem and reported to the students the resolutions. In Swahili it is termed as hujuma to subject an elder who has just less than two months in Moi to such a demonstration.

Guyo needs to step up as the security and accommodation director. Time of merry and partying is long gone we now need performance.

For Catering and Health directors I don’t have a word for them but probably I would say they are just scarecrows. For sure they are just filling up the positions to make the number 11. My friend Geoffrey Omondi and Justin Safari should stop being “Poridge” It is said that if you are afraid then go to church. I also advice the two to do so if they can’t withstand the responsibility vested on them by the students. The chairman is my long time friend but from the look of things he seems to be too scared even to kill a fly. I do not mean that you guys should be radical but we need you to show that you have the interest of the comrades at heart. The success of the 28th SGC will depend on their team work and not team work in joy riding but team work in service delivery.


Elders Play the Chaperon

By ROGERS Otieno

“We put our children in the hands of you people, the elders; because we think we can trust you”

These were the words of a parent to me when she brought her daughter to campus on Monday, 21 September 2014. She saw the university as a nest of vipers where her daughter was at risk and decided to lay the burden of chaperon on an elder, me.

Before I forget, a chaperon is an adult who accompanies one or more young ones during a social occasion usually with specific intent of preventing social or sexual interactions or unacceptable behaviors. I have decided to share this with other elders who have turned themselves into Casanova-romantic and gallant ready to give amorous attention to first year ladies who are also quixotic-having desire to do noble and romantic deeds share their beauties with others, its part of the bounty she brings to the world.

I do not want to play the holier than thou, but my concern is that elders should spare the 96-97 generation who are still tender and petit for the freedom and the so called campus love. To me a child does not become his or her father by putting on shoes or trouser of the dad. So first years being in the university does not necessarily mean they are old and mature for this. It’s fate (double intake) that has prematurely landed them here. So to fellow elders let’s take it our burden to bear, guiding and counseling our new brothers and sisters. Though few of them may not be receptive to counseling and advice, thinking they ‘big’ but let’s do it to those willing and ready to give a listening ear.

To the freshmen, academic life demands for sacrifice that for the good, one must deny self certain gratification. You need to forgo some pleasures and company for the sake of your education. You need to take to bed the bad habits you developed in high school. University life is not for male or female feet, NO, this university is for strong feet that will carry focused and open-minded. One must develop a strong heart and a thick skin to absorb the challenges that comes a long and a self that is ready to learn new ideas and habits.

Jean Sibelous once equipped that a statue has never been erected in honour of a critic and I would like to borrow from him and aver that a statue will not be erected here in Moi for you having slept with most women or men or for having been a frequent visitor to F2.

Making It to Moi University

By ONDUKO Fridah

I had never found myself in such a situation before. I was always among the first on the queue, however, I had been held up in the office over some trivial issue. I sat near the serving place and waited anxiously. I waited and waited. Each passing moment only served to increase my already huge appetite. My eyes could not help roving greedily over other students’ plates. My mouth watered as I watched someone chomping away at a whole salted avocado. I swallowed convulsively like a python swallowing a prey.

When my turn came, Mr. Masamu, the cook threw a minute piece of the treasured ugali which landed with a muted thud splashing the almost non-existent soup. “Move!” he barked. I stood my ground and tried unsuccessfully to catch his eyes for some more pieces. He paid me no heed. My reluctant feet dragged me to a nearby table where I hastily sat down.

Having worked my appetite to an abnormal frenzy, I shared at the little food with such loathing. Not only did I decide to attack my food from all sides but I also gluttonously and feasted on other people’s plates using my eyes. Snaking out my hand, I tightly squeezed the miserable piece of ugali into a tight ball. I then inserted the clod into the vegetable bowl and allowed it to soak up well. Within one second, I was through with my supper.

Life continued that way till I was through with high school. Since high school was prison-like, I thought Moi University was the same. But I was wrong. The first day I reported to Moi University I was confused. I was really mesmerized where to start from. Fortunately, after alighting from the bus, I found some students selling maps. I saw it better to buy one which would assist me to locate every place in the university. They were selling at Kshs 50 each. Later on, I came to realize that the students were innovating ways of making money from the confused first years.

Since passports and photocopies of some documents was one of the requirements, I was forced to fulfill the requirements. I later found out that those who were doing the photocopy had increased the price double of what was there before.

After being admitted, I saw it better to stroll around the compound. The first thing that I was eager to see was the fence. I started looking for it. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be seen. “Moi is a very big university covering numberless acres of land!” One of the continuing students told me

As if that was not enough, it was a hard time for us to locate certain places where we were told to assemble. For instance, when we told to assemble in HL1 for orientation, we looked for it to no avail. The only option was to ask the students where it was. They ended up directing us to hostel H and began laughing at us

The writer is a 1st year in the School of Arts and Social Sciences


Of Life and Its Mystery

By SUMBA Christine

Have you ever thought of something that doesn’t end or change, that is bottomless or endless? Well, I have – life. You can lose your life, it can either be mysterious or just that your time has come, but life goes on without you. It doesn’t stop because you have kicked the bucket; it goes on with those who are there. So what is life? Life is a cycle. It is continuous. It never stops.

Have you ever been iny a situation and while in the situation, you feel that whatever is happening is repeating itself, like it has never happened some other time, other than then. Well, that’s life. So what do you do in such a situation? Well, I guess you just re-live life.

At some point, you might have thought that without you, life doesn’t continue. Believe it or not, life continues without you. Come to think of it, that’s unfair. Do you control life, or does life control you? Or better still, do you take life the way it comes? Does life come to you or do you go to life? I think you go to life and life comes to you. No without you, there’s life, but without life there’s no you! So you go to life. You might be there in life but life doesn’t continue with you. When is this? When everybody around you is successful in everything they do. Their lives are just perfect. What you’ve been dreaming of all your life but it just doesn’t work for you. What do you do in such times?

Life, life, life… when does it begin? When it involves you, it began when you were in your mother’s womb. When it involves life itself, it’s really not known when it began. It might have even existed before God. (Well, I am just saying).

Life is precious. It is like a hidden treasure that when discovered, is protected within all measures. Anyway, life is. We need not to bother ourselves with endless questions about it. The bottom line is that you need life and now that you have it, live it to the fullest. Enjoy it whether young or old, whether tall or short whether dark or light. Never wait for what life holds for you or what it will unfold for you. Why don’t you surprise life and offer it your best?

Be happy make life yours (because it’s yours) so that whatever happens no regrets, live light, live happiness, always be happy because in life there is no room for sadness. Rejoice everything that comes your way, your success and your failures because you will wait for the best and it will never come. “The grass is never greener on the other side”. Enjoy life and never let life enjoy you. After all, life continues without you

The writer is a 1st year in the School of Arts and Social Sciences