Felicitations To All Aspirants


Politics is not easy. It becomes more difficult especially when you are dealing with people with whom you are with at the same level. That is what campus politics is all about; dealing with fellow students who are not only intelligent, but demanding.

Forget about the national politics where you can change the mind of a voter with a packet of salt worth 7/= and thereafter they will sing your name all the way to the ballot. Here, you have to convince comrades beyond reasonable doubt that you can walk the talk. Of course this does not rule out the fact that some will vote along their ethnic affiliations while others, unfortunately, will be ‘bought’ by rogue aspirants. They are those who are referred to as “watu wa ngumu na sturungi” the most expensive ones go at a price of

50/=, that is a plate of pilau at Chella’s.

Winning the hearts of students is an uphill task, and that’s why I have decided to write this congratulatory message to all the selfless candidates who sacrifice their valuable time walking to each and every corner of the university till late in the night. Let’s not forget that they too, have classes, assignments and group discussions to attend.

I know of many ‘aspirants’ who mistook their popularity in their school departments , church organizations and other associations and declared their candidature after holding meetings in their hostel rooms only to realize that they aren’t known even by their next door neighbors, to say the least. Some funnily stepped down without their roommates knowing that they were vying. In fact, a scribe who talked to the Legacy on conditions of anonymity said that he fears for his life after one of the ‘aspirants’ who so far has stepped down, threatened him for telling that ‘political Naboth’ that he doubted his capability instead of his fears.

Even though some of their policies are as ridiculous as they are laughable, just make an effort to hear them out and promise your support. The voting part is a topic for another day since that’s a secret between you and the ballot box. At this moment, serious voters have decided on the aspirants they will vote for. Let’s say 89%. The other percentage is for those who don’t come to the Kamukunjis and meet the aspirants.

Some policies will leave you in tears. I was surprised that an aspirant, whom I will call Mr. X, could manage to say that under his leadership as the Sec-Gen, the MUSO constitution will be a core course. Now you can imagine how ‘helpful’ that will be to you in an interview and the value it will add to the hiring organization given that nearly all comrades will have an A in that subject.

Let’s wish all the aspirants well and always have in mind that leaders are chosen by God. The statement can be challenged though because sometimes I wonder whether every time God looks down on Kenya, he feels proud of the leaders he ‘chose’ for us. Karl Marx once said, ‘The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them’. Choices have consequences. Keep that in mind.



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