Destroyed Votes

By ORDIA Akelo

As inhabitants of the earth we have the sole responsibility of taking good care of it. Simply put, as the late Wangari Maathai once said, if you destroy the environment, the environment will destroy you. We have no choice. Our survival depends on how well we take care of the environment.

Allow me to take you as two year olds and define for you environment plainly as everything that surrounds us. For most of us, the first thing that comes to mind when environment is mentioned is trees. This should not be the case. Environment covers physical features, your neighbor included. Yes, your neighbour is a physical feature.

The same way you accord respect to the environment and have admirable conviction whenever projects dealing with tree planting are mentioned, is the same way you should treat your neighbour. I shall therefore pose the same question once asked in the Holy writ, ‘…and who is your neighbour?’ The answer in this case is not anyone who is in need of your help but everyone around you. The caretakers who do their best to make our school look the way it is, fellow comrades and many others. They are all neighbours who need to be given the same amount of respect we give trees. Every one of them is a life and trees are custodians of life.

It is therefore sad that during this election period, our aspirants have chosen to disrespect the environment in great measure. If they are not hiring other physical features to cause noise pollution, they are busy pasting their portraits on our trees. But the biggest of their crimes is plastering their posters on the footpaths and the hostel floors.(I say aspirants because they have power to dictate what their agents and campaigners do)

I have tried to figure out what the person who came up with this publicity strategy was thinking; sadly, I have not had much luck.

Why a person would use so many packets of EXE Unga to put his/her face all over the compound only to have it stepped on in the name of publicity is beyond my understanding. To express myself clearly please let me use my mother tongue, je ne comprends pas!

Fine, you are finding a way to reach out to comrades and make yourself known, my question however is, why do it at the expense of the caretaker? Hostel Managers of several hostels especially J have had a hard time this week trying to rid the floor of aspirant’s posters.

That in itself communicates a lot in terms of our levels of intellect and how we value people. Let us respect our environment, if you will not do it for that reason, please do it to save face.

In the future, we will do ourselves a great favour if the administration and the SEC place a heavy fine on any aspirant who litters the school compound with his/her face. However, it will be even better if we do not litter voluntarily.

Still on environment, has any aspirant talked about or mentioned anything to do with the environment in his/her policies? Answers please…

Anyway, the clock is ticking, please vote wisely.


The writer is a 3rd year student who is passionate about environmental matters



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