Mr. and Miss Culture 2014 Crowned

By RONALD McAgak and OMONDI Joan

Moi University Cultural Week reached its peak on Friday 15th with a beauty pageant that brought together several campus models. The contest that started at 8pm ended at 3.30am the following day. The models showcased what they had to the vibrant audience that got agile every time a female model took to the stage. After the catwalk, every contestant had an opportunity to showcase their talent to the audience and the judges. Though this was the most interesting part of the pageant, most of the contestants took to the floor with their prowess in dance. A few contestants presented spoken word poetry and stand up comedy as their talent.

After a rigorous showcase by the contestants, the judges announced the winners of this year’s Mr. and Miss Culture contest. It was not surprising as those whom most of the audience anticipated to be winners emerged to be the crown holders of the pageant. Miss Nancy Nafula Kilobi was crowned as Miss Culture Moi University 2014 while Abel Jeffrus Ochieng ascended to be Mr. Culture Moi University 2014.



The excited Nancy said she was surprised she had emerged victorious despite the stiff competition posed by her competitors.


‘To be honest I didn’t expect to win because other contestants posed a great threat,’ she said. Nancy promised to come up with projects that would help promote modeling in Moi University.

Abel Ochieng on the other hand attributed his winning to the support given by his managers, friends and the urge to get a title that would enable him uplift the talents of other budding models. He promised to spearhead the formation of a modeling club which would link with external corporate bodies to ensure a modeling agency is established in Moi University by the end of the next academic year.

   MUSO 2014 Politics

Yesterday aspirants for various dockets were seen flocking churches seeking divine intervention. Some aspirants also just went to campaign, though their mission was not accomplished, because campaigns were not allowed in church.

The Christian Union organized a prayer service for the SEC and the aspirants. Jeff Kenyatta, who was in attendance assured comrades of credible, flawless and transparent elections. He urged aspirants to accept the outcome of the elections. He also thanked the Christian Union for playing their role of praying for the school and committing the election process in God’s hands.

Aspirants were given a chance to commit themselves to God and surrender to His will. Jeff Kenyatta urged comrades to shun politics of tribalism and vote in aspirants taking in consideration their personality and their leadership skills. Comrades were urged to come out and vote as it is their democratic right. At Grace Chapel and St. Michaels Catholic Church services, various aspirants also sought for God’s blessings ahead of the elections.



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