Let’s Be Moderate In Our Campaigns

By OPENDA Joseph

MUSO elections are underway and excitements are building up. Aspirants have hit their campaigns on the ground, trying hard to gain competitive advantage over their rivals. Unique methodologies are being employed as a show of distinctiveness in the aspirants’ way of operation. All this is done with the sole aim of attracting publicity. This is the time aspirants eyes are focused on one goal, clinching the docket. They are therefore ready to use any form of technique at their disposal provided it guarantees them the attention of their potential supporters.

It is a good idea for any individual to try their luck in this election. Most political careers are developed from these practices with the recent icon being Dikembe Disembe,a former student of Moi University who was also the Secretary General in the 27th SGC. However, the process of wooing votes should be conducted with lot of decorum so as not to disrupt the peace of their audience. One has the right to freedom of expression but you have no right to infringe anyone’s right to privacy.


Some unorthodox methods used are certainly bound to backfire on the side of the candidate. You obviously do not expect to win my support after your campaigners, some who are merely goons, keep disrupting my peace from their deafening vuvuzelas and chants while running along the corridors banging our doors late in the night. These rowdy behaviors portray the negative picture of the candidate as they are assumed to reflect the aspirants’ perspective on handling serious issues


On the social media platforms, the story is the same. It is all politics. Facebook pages currently are neither informative nor interactive as expected. Names of preferred aspirants for a particular docket are being painted boldly all over the Facebook pages. THE REAL COMRADES’ page is currently a billboard that accommodates all sorts of political non-sense. Political temperatures are rising. Tribalism is eminent from the words of abuse being exchanged.


Let’s put it this way, what if you conduct your campaigns in between the given time frame? In case you want to attract audience at night, what if you mobilize comrades for a meeting in one of the common rooms in the hostels instead of wasting so much time and energy moving from one room to another? What if you direct your goons to preserve their vuvuzelas for the cross fires? And if you wish to use the social media platforms, why not use your own account or create your X for the docket of Y page? Think about it.





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