Comrades’ Opinions, Social Media


Comrades are in an election mood and comments have been flowing on the social media platforms especially Facebook. There has been very little activity on twitter though, it’s not clear why, but this can be attributed to the fact that it is complex and limits what a user can post to a specific number of characters.

We decided to monitor what has been going on social media and publish some of the opinions and concerns of students about the elections. Going by what some comrades post, it’s very evident but unfortunate that the monster called Tribalism is real and deeply rooted in the minds of some comrades. It is a pity that instead of undergoing total mindset change, some of us can still manage to post insensitive and inflammatory messages on Facebook.

We keep on watering the evil tree of tribalism every time and then complain when it starts bearing fruits. It’s funny that we turn to the same social media to rally Kenyans behind the ideology of unity. This has mostly been witnessed among KOT when they start trends like #BabaWhileYouWereAway, #WeAreOne and many other trends. Oh…for the comrades who are Mukuru Kwa Zuckerberg fans, KOT stands for Kenyans On Twitter.

Back to the reason I penned this article, on The Real Comrades Of Moi University Main Campus Facebook page, some of the comments were:

Bridgety Nyasimi : “some aspirants should come up with real policies…in fact a good guideline…” 

Austin Afuody: “comrades are lost kiasi. Their focus is on tribe rather than ideologies that an individual promises to deliver”.

Robert Gai : “can we please sober up. Let us for God’s sake avoid hate speeches and tribalism…it has consequences whether long term or short term they are there…after this MUSO elections we will remain MOI UNIVERSITY COMRADES…kindly don’t torture anybody here”

On another Facebook page named The Mighty Jo-Ath Movement, and for those who are wondering what this ‘Jo-Ath’ is, it simply translates to ‘people of the earth’. You can also call them Wananchi or Citizens. Some comrades decided to post some comments too.

Hillary Ayoma: “we don’t need change…we want realism”

Polly Carp Wuod Oremo decried the formation of Kalausi (whirlwind), which he said will pose a lot of challenges especially now that they are grappling with issues of division.

Some of the comments were too tribal to publish. The most important thing is that comrades should use such platforms to foster unity and engage in constructive discourse because after all, whoever will be elected will represent all of us irrespective of our ethnic


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