Vote Change Or Maintain Status Quo, It’s A Choice


 They are here again. Yes you are right, the aspirants. It’s another electioneering period and many have declared their interests for various dockets in our beloved MUSO or should I call it a driving school as one Babu Owino put it.

 They have perfected the art of seducing the voter and their mastery of language can make you feel that PLO belongs to Ligi Ndogo. I am told some have even started knocking at the doors armed with their sugar coated lies.

 An aspirant in the health docket will say, “Comrades need clean washrooms…they need flushable toilets…quality condoms should be available at the dispensers and not the normal Sure we are used to.” The Academic Director to be will convincingly talk about the issue of missing marks and the need for the university to establish an online portal where comrades can access their results without having to queue.

 “Under my leadership, I will ensure the schools have strong associations…I will deliver the MUSO constitution within my 90 days in office!!” the Sec-Gen will shout. And by the way, is the “comrade-based” constitution out or it is still lying with one of the outgoing Directors?

 The naked truth that comrades should pay homage to, is that getting a dedicated leader out of this election will be a nightmare. As usual, once elected, they vanish into the thin air and will, perhaps ,be spotted sipping some expensive drinks while the voter; sorry to say so, will be putting his life on the line with Meakins. Some will be seen driving their motorbikes around campus and that’s when it will dawn on comrades that kumbe these people had different obsessions apart from serving them.

All these cheap rhetoric will continue as we will be cheering them on…oh sorry, as their goons will be cheering them on until the election date. Some ‘wise’ fellas have been seen writing ,‘for politics, use the window’ on their doors. To some extent, these great minds have realized that nothing will change. That’s the way it is.

 Let’s do this differently this time round, let sobriety prevail during the Crossfire and let the aspirants be given a chance to say whatever sweet thing they want to ,so that we can judge them by their content and not the number of jeers and cheers they get. My ‘little friend’ is telling me that SEC should consider hiring the services of the dreaded Alcoblow to keep the hired drunk goons at bay…don’t crucify me though.

 If whatever I have been witnessing continues, then we are certainly headed nowhere. A situation where an aspirant comes to you and says ‘I am Mr. X or Mrs. Y from the school of Z and vying for the docket of A B C…therefore am requesting for your vote.’ No one will steal your policies for Christ sake!

 The punch line is, let the tribal alliances not make us forget that we have a common goal, which is to create a vibrant, strong and robust Students Union. The bottom line therefore is that change is a choice. Let’s change the forest together with the monkeys.



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