Campus Infidelity

By HILDA Dindi & CLIVE Olero

 It has become a common phenomenon for males to be considered unfaithful in the society. Things have taken a turn and it seems everything is exploding. Most campus ladies have created a name in the larger society as being unfaithful. Many young men are warned by their parents to be wary of campus ladies. All this snowballs into spoiling the reputation of even the good and well-mannered ladies around. In fact many people consider relationships in campus no-strings-attached because they believe the rampant infidelity amongst university students in general and campus chicks in particular, cannot let campus relationships last.

We are left to wonder if this is a new culture we are creating or because we are digitalized and in support of democracy, we have to do what our hearts feel irrespective of whether it’s right or wrong. Can we change this to enhance our reputation in the outer society or just continue in the mass flow?

We all know that no one comes to this world a bad person but we acquire all these characters we are associated with as we grow and interact with others. Since they are not innate or genetic, we can change if and whenever we want to. The greater part of society has a view that universities breed immorality and university students are the architects of that moral decay. The mirror through which society views us whether right or wrong should not be an excuse to live a life of indulgence or ruin our image in the madness of being at the top of the game.

Being unfaithful doesn’t make you any different neither does being firm in your decision to lead an austere non-infidel life make you holy, but it helps in building your self-esteem and enhancing your virtues.So let us be honest to ourselves and to our ideals.

Of what use is it to spend four or so years studying only to exit campus with the deadliest of man-eating virus otherwise called Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), in the coinage of Doctors? For what purpose would you be a race for all when your noblest of goals is to find a serious partner to settle down with and start a family? And, if I may allude to a joke I once read, for what reason do you let everyone’s pen write in a private notebook?

Sometimes I wonder how you walk around campus with your head high when at least two people in every group of students and staff you meet know the anatomy of your vaginal and/ or phallus region. And from where do you marshal the moral guts to call that thing you mutilate with all kinds of alien excitements private? Brothers and sisters, if you have been into the public or the public has been into you – overtime with so many partners so that you have even lost count- those things are private no more. We can, without fear of victimization or guilt, call you public amenity.




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