8th August saw the tenure of the 27th SGC end and as usual, comrades had personal opinions on their services. Not all the student leaders led to the satisfaction of the students however; there are those who the comrades felt had done real service to them. Eric Kinaga came out the darling of the assembled students. The Legacy’s Moses Adongo caught up with him at the end of the event and this is what he had to say;


(photo: Erick Kinaga- Courtesy)


THE LEGACY: The 27th SGC has just been dissolved, what next for Kinaga?

KINAGA:(Smiles) I’ll go back to class! Before vying I used to do some diploma course that I put on hold so I am going to pick from there. Currently I’m taking my CPA level 3. I am also a student of Political Science and would wish to get a first class, so I am going to concentrate more on my studies.

THE LEGACY: Are youtaking over MUSAASS leadership?

KINAGA:It is true we are in talks to carry on with the leadership now that Oscar is committed to the SEC.

THE LEGACY: You had an overwhelming reception and I even noticed you shedding tears, how did you feel?

KINAGA:I actually felt touched and I couldn’t hold my tears when I saw some ladies shed theirs. One thing I came to learn is that good work pays. It’s unusual to get such applause especially from a mammoth crowd where those who previously opposed my candidature finally appreciated it. I feel humbled and grateful to the comrades.

THE LEGACY: What do you think was the factor behind your success?

KINAGA:First God!I also incorporated my opponents during the campaigns to bring in their intelligence. I knew I wasn’t there to serve only those who voted for me.

THE LEGACY: What are the projects that you feel the incoming security and accommodation director should work on once he assumes power?

KINAGA:Honestly time cut me short on a lot of things and I hope they’ll be completed by the next director. The director should upgrade the lighting system in our washrooms. He should champion the issue of Pigeon halls that is currently in the public procurement stage so that we can do away with insecurity issues of our bags in the library. Lastly, the director, with the help of the entire SGC, should go national on the accommodation issue otherwise it is going to be a hard nut to crack in future!

THE LEGACY: What is your say about Akadima going to the race again?

KINAGA:(Sighs) this is so tricky. The students,administration and even Akadimahimself, have their views on it. Otherwise article 13.6 of the green book gives limitfor the tenure of student leadership and so I would wish the right direction is taken.


THE LEGACY: What is your parting shot?

KINAGA:I wish to thank comrades for the appreciation. I also want to saythat there is a difference between politics and leadership. Leadership is God; politics is not hatred against your opponents. I feel I have defined the politics of Moi and hope the students learn from it as we go for the elections. I pray for the 28thSGC. God bless you!



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