By Ronald McAgak

I was walking on one of the campus alleys with my second year friend who told me that the outgoing MUSO Chair was one hardworking and outgoing person. I got a little confused at his sentiment. The chair I knew was much different. The chair was not all that the innocent second year was saying. I got curious and wanted to know whom this chair was. I was not surprised by his answer. He said he was talking about Erick Kinaga.Apparently, he had no idea that Kinaga was the director in charge of Security and Accommodation. For sure, I do not blame him. Many students have no idea how Kipsaro Boit looks like neither do they know how he speaks.

After the last disputed elections through which Boit became the Chairman of 27th SGC, he decided to take a break from political limelight. I remember I was at home for the ‘further notice’ vacation, when Kaimenyi proposed that University fees be increased. Most public universities held a nationwide demonstration against the same. Then there was a disgusting Facebook update. How could Boit say that he had been abducted and held for six hours? Anyway, that was his way probably of keeping off the streets.

Being booed during the Friday ‘Kamkunji’ could not have gone down well with Boit but I am not surprised it happened. After all, he had never addressed any student gathering after elections.
Some previous SGC chairs were booed during the dissolutions of the then SGCs in their time but in all their cases, comrades gave them a chance to talk and dissolve the SGC. This was not the case with Boit. When he took over power, many expected that he would at least make a positive impact in student leadership. Unfortunately, he never learnt the tricks of pleasing comrades. One would not do much but once he or she associates with comrades and participates in activities that comrades undertake, he/she will always have a place in the hearts of comrades.

Boit could have achieved a lot on personal basis, the international trips, the cash generated from MUSO but the Friday incident will haunt him as long as he lives. It could even influence his future political life in case he wishes to venture into national politics.



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