‘HELB in two weeks time’

By Rogers Otieno

Clothes can make a gentleman out of a beggar. This is one of the truths I have learnt this semester. When you meet ‘him’ on the highway dressed in a suit, you wouldn’t tell he has an empty stomach, all courtesy of HELB’s delay. A visit to the fitness centre can also tell you that HELB’s delay is starving most of our flexxers as their number has reduced; am told that working out at the gym needs a full stomach. My friend from another county tells me that there is a common course taken by all comrades, that is sukuma and avocado for supper. Lunch has become a luxury to many and hence majority of comrades forgo it.

‘In two weeks time check your account it will be full’ this has become the common phrase with all the HELB beneficiaries. Comrades have shown a lot of their desperateness on the HELB facebook page.
D^K please check my disbursement status ID 28600170.
D^K why are you ignoring me, kwani ni helb yako?.
D^K kaa nayo kama hutaki!!!!

Being that SGC has been dissolved, who will address the comrades plight? Will the SEC do the same? Am told Mr. Ayoo just few weeks ago took the forms to HELB offices in Nairobi! Did he share with the HELB officers about the lifestyle comrades have been forced to adapt to with helblessness? I guess something ought to be done, a delegation should be sent by the administration to go and present the plights of comrades at the Anniversary Towers, even if this means sending the SEC to Nairobi. I foresee a huge problem ahead with exams in the offing. Many were allowed to pay their fees less Kshs. 4000. Will those with fee balances be allowed to sit their exams? Before you answer yourself, consider comrades who depend wholly on HELB.

‘Helb in two weeks time’ read a headline of one the campus media houses. It is three weeks now since that article was written and ‘his’ bank account still reads Ksh. 57. Could it have been rumours? If it was rumours then media houses should ensure factual reporting. The election period is also here. The media should ensure sanity and objectivity or else gagging laws might reach you from some unknown authorities. Media has big role to play in any governance system and thus ensure comrades are informed promptly.

Comrades should be very careful as some MUSO aspirants are using comrades’ desperate state as a political ladder to satisfy the interests.
‘vote me as your next academic director and I will ensure that HELB behaves before any group reports to campus,’said one aspirant. Such manifestos will land you into the kingdom of failures. Beware.


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