Omondi, Nyawade, Joel Top Opinion Polls

Just two days to election, an opinion poll conducted by The Legacy between 18th and 19th indicates that 67.9% of those who participated in the opinion poll will vote.

Stiff competition is expected in the race for the post of the Vice Chairperson according to the poll. The participants were randomly drawn from various parts of the University.

The results were as indicated below


 20th August 201420th August 20149


SEC Conducts First Crossfire, Chaos Erupts

By ALAL K’Alal

Moi University students yesterday attended their first crossfire; a platform where aspiring candidates are given the opportunity to sell their policies and convince the students to vote for them. Though not in the constitution, comrades have always found pleasure attending the event so as to get their best preferred candidates based on their policies and ideologies. In the past, aspirants have risen from grass to grace and from the unknown to the known through this platform with the recent ones being Seth Odongo and Salmon Omondi.

In a Kamkunji attended by over one thousand students, aspiring candidates in the dockets of Assistant Secretary General, Academics, Sports, Vice Chairperson and Secretary General had an opportunity to sell their policies and answer questions related to their dockets. In the interest of the students, the candidates had to show relevance in the dockets they wanted. Earlier, Grace Muchiri’s supporters were forced to take off the campaign T-shirts they had put on as that was against the election rules and codes of conduct. It was evident however, that some students still managed to remain in the T-shirts until the end.

While addressing the students, the Assistant Secretary General aspirants, most of whom appeared frustrated, confused and lacked enough knowledge on the docket, assured the students of a full implementation of the constitution and an inclusive leadership. Most of the aspirants assured the physically challenged students of continuous support and improved welfare.

The Academics docket, which attracted twelve candidates, had one candidate missing. It is still not clear whether the candidate had withdrawn his candidature. When asked about the fears of a possible ‘further notice’ holiday for third years, all the aspirants assured the third years that they must finish their academic year first before they proceed for industrial attachments. They also insisted that no media personalities would be victimized for articles they write. Speaking to The Legacy reporter after the event, most media students supported the idea but insisted on adherence to ethics and journalistic codes of conduct.

The hotly contested post of the Secretary General could not come to an end after students became rowdy. While answering questions regarding the constitution, most aspirants appeared mature and well conversant with the constitution, apart from Justin Safari who could not state what chapter six of the constitution entailed. It was clear that most of the candidates were for the opinion of annexations on to the current constitution rather than full review. This comes at a time when Moi University has over three drafts that have not gone past the senate and the students feel oppressed by the current constitution. They also insisted on detaching the union from administration and giving MUSO a national outlook. The Vice Chair aspirants could not present their ideologies after Muchiri and Nyawade supporters become rowdy.


Weak SEC?

Most students have blamed SEC, particularly the security department, for being biased and weak following the chaos that erupted and abruptly ended the crossfire. The students have claimed that the security department has many members from one community compared to other communities. Further, they blamed SEC for beating up students and insisted that ‘Jahome’ had to be out of SEC.

While addressing the angry students, Jeff Kenyatta, the SEC chair insisted that actions must be taken against such members.   ‘Actions are going to be taken against members of SEC who hurt students’, he said. He further urged the students to remain calm as they look into the matter. It is expected that the remaining dockets will have a platform to sell their policies.



Felicitations To All Aspirants


Politics is not easy. It becomes more difficult especially when you are dealing with people with whom you are with at the same level. That is what campus politics is all about; dealing with fellow students who are not only intelligent, but demanding.

Forget about the national politics where you can change the mind of a voter with a packet of salt worth 7/= and thereafter they will sing your name all the way to the ballot. Here, you have to convince comrades beyond reasonable doubt that you can walk the talk. Of course this does not rule out the fact that some will vote along their ethnic affiliations while others, unfortunately, will be ‘bought’ by rogue aspirants. They are those who are referred to as “watu wa ngumu na sturungi” the most expensive ones go at a price of

50/=, that is a plate of pilau at Chella’s.

Winning the hearts of students is an uphill task, and that’s why I have decided to write this congratulatory message to all the selfless candidates who sacrifice their valuable time walking to each and every corner of the university till late in the night. Let’s not forget that they too, have classes, assignments and group discussions to attend.

I know of many ‘aspirants’ who mistook their popularity in their school departments , church organizations and other associations and declared their candidature after holding meetings in their hostel rooms only to realize that they aren’t known even by their next door neighbors, to say the least. Some funnily stepped down without their roommates knowing that they were vying. In fact, a scribe who talked to the Legacy on conditions of anonymity said that he fears for his life after one of the ‘aspirants’ who so far has stepped down, threatened him for telling that ‘political Naboth’ that he doubted his capability instead of his fears.

Even though some of their policies are as ridiculous as they are laughable, just make an effort to hear them out and promise your support. The voting part is a topic for another day since that’s a secret between you and the ballot box. At this moment, serious voters have decided on the aspirants they will vote for. Let’s say 89%. The other percentage is for those who don’t come to the Kamukunjis and meet the aspirants.

Some policies will leave you in tears. I was surprised that an aspirant, whom I will call Mr. X, could manage to say that under his leadership as the Sec-Gen, the MUSO constitution will be a core course. Now you can imagine how ‘helpful’ that will be to you in an interview and the value it will add to the hiring organization given that nearly all comrades will have an A in that subject.

Let’s wish all the aspirants well and always have in mind that leaders are chosen by God. The statement can be challenged though because sometimes I wonder whether every time God looks down on Kenya, he feels proud of the leaders he ‘chose’ for us. Karl Marx once said, ‘The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them’. Choices have consequences. Keep that in mind.


Heshima Na Taadhima Katika Uchaguzi

Na ALLAN Aguko

Mwanafalsafa wa Kiyunani(Ancient Greek) Plato, amesalia na atasalia siyo tu kwenye kumbukizi za historia , bali pia vinywani mwa wasomi kote ulumwenguni. Alitalii uwanja mzima wa kisiasa na kidemokrasia. Miongoni mwa madai yake sifika ni kuwa ‘’ kwenye uchaguzi tumpigie kura kiongozi bora na wala siye aliye na wafuasi wengi ’. Kitathmini dai hili huzua mdahalo na maswali anuwahi na la kimsingi likiwa ni, Kiongozi bora asiye na wafuasi wengi atashindaje kwenye uchaguzi? Mfanano huu wa Plato utafaa zaidi katika kuhakiki hali kama ilivyo kwenye uchaguzi wa viongozi wa wanafunzi unaobishia.

Kampeni za kuwarai wanazuo wa Moi zimechacha na kusheheni mnato wa haiba yake. Je, utu wetu utasalia baada ya uchaguzi? Nieleze, mahusiano yetu yatasalia pale pale? Wagombea wengi wamebuni njama na mikakati ya kujihakikishia ushindi. Wengine wanatumia uwezo wao wa mkwanja mrefu ili angalau wapate utambulisho kama sio ushindi. Ni mikakati mizuri pia. Thamani zetu kama wapiga kura na wanafunzi wa chuo kikuu cha Moi katu haziwezi kupigiwa mifano na vileo. Plato alidai ya kwamba viongozi hawa bora wanaweza kutumia njia mibadala ya kuhakikisha wameibuka washindi uchaguzini. Kuwanunulia wafuasi wako vileo huenda ikawa mojwapao wa njia hizi siju lakini. Vileo hutuvua utu na tukasilia watu sawia na mbwa kwa kutoa mihemko na kamsa zisizopendeza masikio. Kwa hivyo mgombea yeyoyte anafaa kutafuta njia nyingine la kujitendea haki kwenye uchaguzi huu.

Tetesi za wagombea wengi kuyatoa mabango ya wenzao na kuyatundika kutani pia zimeshamiri. Wanachokisahau watu wanaofanya tendo hili ovu ni kuwa, wagombea wengine pia ni wapiga kura katika nyadhifa mbalimbali. Mwaniaji wa wadhifa wa ukurugenzi wa burudani na mawasiliano kwa mfano, atampigia kura mwenye kiti, naibu mwenye kiti, katibu mkuu na wengine kwenye msururu huo. Kwa hivyo unafaa kuwaheshimu.

Kumchafulia mpinzani wako jina kwenye mitandao za kijamii kama vile face book pia ni njia ambayo yaelekea kutumika na watu wengi kama alivyopendekeza Plato. Wafuasi wa mwaniaji mmoja, watajaribu kuupunguza umaarufu wake kwa kutunga mambo yasyio. Njia hii mara nyingi badala ya kumchafulia mpinzani wako jina, itamjengea umaarufu hata zaidi kwa kuwa kila mtu atakuwa na raghba za kumfahamu.

Njia moja ya kipekee ninayopendekeza tofauti na ile ya Plato ni, kampeni zenye heshima. Mwanzo kwa mwenyezi Mungu na pili kwa jamii ya wanafuzi. Kuna wanafunzi ambao mara nyingi wameapa kutoshiriki kwenye siasa wala kupiga kura kwenye chaguzi za wanafunzi. Je, utawapa sababu ya kubadili mitazamo yao na kushiriki kwenye uchaguzi? Hili ni swali ambalo kila mgombea anafaa kutilia umuhimu. Mwenendo wako kama mgombea unafaa uwe dhihirisho tosha ya kukupigia kura.

Mazungumzo yako, mahusiano yako, mavazi yako na mienendo yako ndiyo zana kuu itakayokuhakikishia ushindi kwenye uchaguzi. Hakuna yeyote atakayemchagua kiongozi asiyeweza kujieleza na kutoa hotuba mbele ya umati mkubwa wa wanazuo.


Destroyed Votes

By ORDIA Akelo

As inhabitants of the earth we have the sole responsibility of taking good care of it. Simply put, as the late Wangari Maathai once said, if you destroy the environment, the environment will destroy you. We have no choice. Our survival depends on how well we take care of the environment.

Allow me to take you as two year olds and define for you environment plainly as everything that surrounds us. For most of us, the first thing that comes to mind when environment is mentioned is trees. This should not be the case. Environment covers physical features, your neighbor included. Yes, your neighbour is a physical feature.

The same way you accord respect to the environment and have admirable conviction whenever projects dealing with tree planting are mentioned, is the same way you should treat your neighbour. I shall therefore pose the same question once asked in the Holy writ, ‘…and who is your neighbour?’ The answer in this case is not anyone who is in need of your help but everyone around you. The caretakers who do their best to make our school look the way it is, fellow comrades and many others. They are all neighbours who need to be given the same amount of respect we give trees. Every one of them is a life and trees are custodians of life.

It is therefore sad that during this election period, our aspirants have chosen to disrespect the environment in great measure. If they are not hiring other physical features to cause noise pollution, they are busy pasting their portraits on our trees. But the biggest of their crimes is plastering their posters on the footpaths and the hostel floors.(I say aspirants because they have power to dictate what their agents and campaigners do)

I have tried to figure out what the person who came up with this publicity strategy was thinking; sadly, I have not had much luck.

Why a person would use so many packets of EXE Unga to put his/her face all over the compound only to have it stepped on in the name of publicity is beyond my understanding. To express myself clearly please let me use my mother tongue, je ne comprends pas!

Fine, you are finding a way to reach out to comrades and make yourself known, my question however is, why do it at the expense of the caretaker? Hostel Managers of several hostels especially J have had a hard time this week trying to rid the floor of aspirant’s posters.

That in itself communicates a lot in terms of our levels of intellect and how we value people. Let us respect our environment, if you will not do it for that reason, please do it to save face.

In the future, we will do ourselves a great favour if the administration and the SEC place a heavy fine on any aspirant who litters the school compound with his/her face. However, it will be even better if we do not litter voluntarily.

Still on environment, has any aspirant talked about or mentioned anything to do with the environment in his/her policies? Answers please…

Anyway, the clock is ticking, please vote wisely.


The writer is a 3rd year student who is passionate about environmental matters


Elders Spare Us

By ALAL K’Alal

Abraham Lincoln lost elections. In 1832 he ran for the State Legislature and lost. In 1854 and 1858 he ran for the state senator and lost again. Lincoln never quit the race. He moved on, he kept on trying, he kept on keeping on. He had a dream, a dream that could not be killed, a dream that he wanted to see come true. On March 4, 1861 , Abraham won the U.S elections. History never lies , just like numbers (tyranny), history cannot be dismissed.

Michael Faraday had ninety nine successful failures, but he never quit. It did not matter how much he was abused (call him janeko if you like), he had the courage to continue and a mission to fulfill. Elders, spare me, you cannot kill a dream, a dream whose time has come.

I was taken aback with the recent happenings in main campus. The angle the current politics has taken is unfortunate; the manner in which tribal groupings and trading are done is pitiful. I am not against the trades, am against killing of dreams of aspirants, for the’ sake of the community.’ Comrades must know why we go for elections; our elders must know why people vie for various positions in MUSO. It is not because they come from our communities, it is not because they want to serve members of our communities, neither is it because we have ‘enough numbers’ to make us win. No, it is the dreams that they have for the union that drive them.

MUSO elections have become more tribal, I mean, more tribal than the national politics. Elders have convened meetings to form coalitions so as to win the elections; they have chaired mid-night meetings   ’ for the sake of the community’. What is a ‘community’ in their understanding? Comrades belong to one community, the ‘comradeship community’. Comrades have one tribe, the ‘Comrades tribe’. Comrades have one language, the ‘comrades’ language’.

Every comrade has a constitutional right to contest for any position in MUSO. Comrades should be left to identify and elect leaders they feel are capable to serve them. Last year, the current SEC chair was sacrificed for the sake of the community so as to allow easy formation of a coalition, his dreams were killed only for us to lament later. Both Governor Joel Evans and Innocent Maurice were also sacrificed for the sake of the community. We regretted. It served us right. We must learn from history, elders must stop convening tribal meetings and let the comrades’ community to elect members of their own.

We have lost leaders and ideas because of tribalism. It is not bad to lose an election; it is bad to be ‘sacrificed’. Tribalism is the father of bad leadership and the mother of failure. We must proceed with moderation during this electioneering period to elect leaders, not mere politicians. Comrades must say NO to tribal meetings and coalitions, we must elect ideologies. It does not matter how many times you have failed, it does not matter the number of your tribesmen, its only your ideologies that matter. If a comrade has to lose, let him lose at the ballot.


Let’s Be Moderate In Our Campaigns

By OPENDA Joseph

MUSO elections are underway and excitements are building up. Aspirants have hit their campaigns on the ground, trying hard to gain competitive advantage over their rivals. Unique methodologies are being employed as a show of distinctiveness in the aspirants’ way of operation. All this is done with the sole aim of attracting publicity. This is the time aspirants eyes are focused on one goal, clinching the docket. They are therefore ready to use any form of technique at their disposal provided it guarantees them the attention of their potential supporters.

It is a good idea for any individual to try their luck in this election. Most political careers are developed from these practices with the recent icon being Dikembe Disembe,a former student of Moi University who was also the Secretary General in the 27th SGC. However, the process of wooing votes should be conducted with lot of decorum so as not to disrupt the peace of their audience. One has the right to freedom of expression but you have no right to infringe anyone’s right to privacy.


Some unorthodox methods used are certainly bound to backfire on the side of the candidate. You obviously do not expect to win my support after your campaigners, some who are merely goons, keep disrupting my peace from their deafening vuvuzelas and chants while running along the corridors banging our doors late in the night. These rowdy behaviors portray the negative picture of the candidate as they are assumed to reflect the aspirants’ perspective on handling serious issues


On the social media platforms, the story is the same. It is all politics. Facebook pages currently are neither informative nor interactive as expected. Names of preferred aspirants for a particular docket are being painted boldly all over the Facebook pages. THE REAL COMRADES’ page is currently a billboard that accommodates all sorts of political non-sense. Political temperatures are rising. Tribalism is eminent from the words of abuse being exchanged.


Let’s put it this way, what if you conduct your campaigns in between the given time frame? In case you want to attract audience at night, what if you mobilize comrades for a meeting in one of the common rooms in the hostels instead of wasting so much time and energy moving from one room to another? What if you direct your goons to preserve their vuvuzelas for the cross fires? And if you wish to use the social media platforms, why not use your own account or create your X for the docket of Y page? Think about it.