Entertainment So Unneccesary.

Kenyans must be a trivial lot. In my busyness, i usually stumble upon entertainment rags and blogs. I am not not too interested in what our present-day musicians spew and spit (as they call it) for reasons ranging from the plasticity of their voices to the shallow content of their lyrics. I appreciate that we have talented musicians but on a weighing scale the untalented kids would tip the balance. By the way, Socialites are not celebrities, since they thrive in nudity and fleshiness, they should board a time capsule and go back to the Garden of Eden in 5000 BS (Before Sin) neither are radio presenters, come on, they are just doing their jobs. Anyway, (i was a bit distracted) my main issue is the garbage that entertainment blogs and rags spill with abandon. So what if Rihanna was topless at a beach? So what if Octopizzo has a new tattoo or if Amani bought a new watch? How entertaining is it to know that Vera Sidika went on holiday with a rich Naija boyfriend? Yes, it is one thing to inform us on the entertainment front but it is another to assault our eyes with unneccesary and trivial prattle. Who needs to know details of an actor’s pillow talk or the musicality of a socialite’s toilet groans as they shit? This is what entertainment news has been reduced to, intrusive and insulting to our intelligence. If Prezzo and Jaguar bought new cars, how many Kenyans are buying new, more sleeker, prestigious and powerful cars? It’s narrow to tell us about artistes going on holiday with their couples, it’s foolsome to post nude pictures and photograph quaking asses of pebble-brained socialites press it as e-news, it’s vain to tell us so and so bought a handkerchief for sh 7000 or a weave for sh 450 000. I know it’s an attention-reliant industry but what happened to real entertainment news. Tell us how many records an artiste has sold. The progress of an artiste in their album. Tell us which song are topping the charts. Tell us about progress of the theatre and arts industry, tell us about the growth of photography in Kenya, promote the fashion industry, the blogging platforms. News that will promote talent and spur growth of the multi-million industry. News that will encourage people to delve into art and do profiles on those who have made it. Expose burgeoning talent and let people appreciate it, that’s E-news.There is so much to inform us on in entertainment industry without diverting to the stupidest and most unneccesary of details.


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