Speak of us, me and you- united by the fact that we all belong to this campus. Therefore, we share quite a lot and that’s why if anything is to take route then, we must be the custodians. It is normal to find fault with any foreign system and any prudent decision must be that which advocate for change. However, for us to achieve the real change, we must first define our truest self lest we be enticed by little excitement that is absorbed in our miseries.
Who then are we? It is us the rabble populace of this misfortune land. It is us, who have been forced to acclimate to extremely congested lecture halls with poor sound systems. It is us, who miss rooms under strict legislation of – clear fees; get a room, even if it’s vividly clear that most of us are sponsors of our own selves. It is us who pile in a corner of a room when it rains simply because there are no funds for renovation. It is us whose only drop of flour gets wet just because H is flooded and no one is there to repair it. It is us who get electrocuted while loading coils on live wires just for the simple factoid that sockets are too expensive for the janitor’s boss to purchase. Amidst all these, we are still the same people whose voices of agitation are screwed and often christened as ruble rousers. We are the same people whose organization has remained quiescent from a force we all understand its source. All these situations describe us, we may not fall victims of the same plague at the same time but at any moment of our stay in this campus, they affect us all the same.
Time is here for us to make things different. It is only through elections that we cast seeds which will eventually contribute to our liberation. Wryly, it mesmerizes me how fast we forget ourselves. With the official campaign period still withheld, the trumpets that obtrude my ears are unbearable. We are already fighting against our own hopes of liberation. If the status quo, where most of the aspirants are betting on the chances of their success based on the support they are assured of from their ‘brothers’ is anything to go by, then we have absolutely lost our priority. I would happily identify with a group under the banner, ‘Soweto Hostels Students Organization’ or ‘Walimu for administrational change’ or even ‘The Engineers Voices’ especially if such associations were inspired by the irrepressible conditions that affect our stay. I would not be hesitant to vote alongside a block that is united by a desire to obviate a situation like renovation of the F and C houses. It is however unfortunate that all the candidates have reverted to other ways with which I am not pleased.
What would be different in us or what would make a distinction between us and our parents back at home? I am not surprised by the way my statesmen are excited by the fact that Obama is the man at the Whitehouse or neither would I be perplexed when Njoroge, my friend defends Mr. President to death, but if Nyaboke (a scholar) is going to support Kenyatta with expectation that matoke will be made a mandatory dish for every student, then certainly something is wrong with her! If my friend Kathure is to vote Karithi, then that decision must solely rest on a concrete desire to make a revolution on a situation that affects Wafula, Mugo, Koech ,and Ochieng’ who are part and parcel of the comrades. Otherwise it would be superfluous and extremely unscholarly for Kipchoge to vote in Cheserem just for irrelevant fact that they share a surname.
The elections are however democratic: one man one vote. Cool! But we must remember Plato, that ancient Greek anti- democracy philosopher who warned of other chances of a so many fools voting for their fellow fool and trouncing the few elites. I smell this possibility in this coming election but how I would rejoice if those fools are not us, the comrades who after the elections shall remain with the very same identity that we currently hold. We must be united with what unites us!

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