By Otieno Rodgers
The Legacy Publication team now has a reason to smile after getting a new patron in the last week. The patron will be guiding the team, giving them advice and in helping them adopt the new methodologies that will help them meet national standards.

Mr. Musakali Juma the new patron is a lecturer in the school of information sciences, department of Media and Publishing. He also lectures some courses in the school of Arts and Social sciences particularly the Linguistics, Media and Communication students.

His likes are reading autobiographies and biographies. According to him, They build one’s ego and as one author says, ‘Always strive not to fall, but even if you have to fall, then fall STANDING!’ They inspire him as they (the authors) would like to see others be like them. That is why his greatest pride is to see those going through his hands excelling. It is a form of his self satisfaction.

He believes in knowing a bit of everything. Even if a person is not a scientist, he/she should take time to know how rain is formed. It stops them from speculation and believing in rain makers. He advises us to take interest in other things away from your profession- “For instance,” he says, “One of my favourite pastime activities is watching animals and how they behave on channels like Nat Geo Wild and Animal Planet. It helps me learn a lot of things about God’s wonderful world and other bits and pieces. I get to learn that contrary to the general fears, snakes can’t chase someone and won’t attack them unless provoked, that pythons are not poisonous, that whales can save a human being if they notice you are gasping for breath under water by pushing you to the surface!”
He goes ahead to state that now that the world has gone digital, as patron he would like to see every member increase their online presence because that is the key. He would like the publication to be noticed and thus the publication should create links, increase the likes on facebook, followers on twitter and create blogs as we explore other available digital avenues.

He has a spot for sports too. Soccer, rugby and motor rallying are his favourite. “If I wasn’t a lecturer I would probably be a professional rally driver or may be a Catholic Priest having schooled in the seminary in high school. I love cars, especially oldies and motor shows, that’s why my ride is a 1970 VW Beetle. This one is a constant at my doorstep-others come and go.” He says.

A favourite quote by him is “Even if you are called to be a street sweeper, you must sweep the streets so well that if the Heavenly Host looks down He will say ‘here lives a great street sweeper.” by Martin Luther King Jr.
My short term and long term goals for legacy are to initiate activities that will boost our image and also expose us to opportunities within and outside the university, to use his contacts (especially in the media) to help out on attachments and internships and thirdly to identify talents in The Legacy members and place them appropriately.
The writer is a third school of Arts students.


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