I do not like to pry but the extent at which our political aspirants are willing to go in order to gain votes for themselves baffles me. Being a second year, this is my first time to experience the current wave of university politics. In just a week, my room has been graced by several aspirants of all kinds. Again, in all the associations’ meetings I have attended, one, two or more politicians flock in to ask for our support. But what interests me most is their linguistic ability or should I say inability to woe me into giving them my vote?
I wonder if they really want us to take them seriously. Dear Politician, how do you expect me to vote for you if these are some of the errors you make in your speech:
“I am running for the position of… “
So you say , if I scrutinize that statement well, I picture you running in place of a position. Now is that really what this is all about? If that is the case I would recommend you take off your three- piece suit and pick up something more athletic, because running in a suit is obviously uncomfortable.

“I am going for MUSO…”
Why on earth would you go for the MUSO Chairman/Sec.Gen/…? What do you have against them? Well I suppose we are the ones who should be going for them, given the questionable way they have managed our dear school over the past years. But you, it makes me wonder, why should I elect you in that position if in any case you want to go after MUSO Chairman/Sec.Gen/…?For your future use, it is, ‘I am vying for the position…’

“I offer myself to the service of us…”
If I got that right, you are treading on not so steady ground. Without you knowing it you have just revealed your true self to us, the populace. You have just told us that you are in it for your own interest.
Please make me see, whether it will be my fault at the end of the day when I do not vote for you, because they are your words and as the populace we are moved entirely by words. Not money and certainly not dressing code.

So at the end of the day your position will entirely depend on what comes out of your mouth. Consider thinking about your speech. Take a seat amongst the audience and hear your speech for yourself. Will it be able to sway their hearts and minds to your direction? You know the answer. Right?
I hope you will mind what you say.

The writer is a second year LMC student


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