According to Lil Wayne (What, you thought I would quote Aristotle?) They say you are nobody till somebody kills you but where he’s from you are nobody till you kill somebody, I don’t quite agree with the later coz I wouldn’t harm a fly unless the fly messes with family and hurts me in the process.

From a soap or two whose season finale I watched by accident, people tend to see white light when they die, I can’t dispute for obvious reasons but if this reason, I see zombies all around me, people who have seen white love light and have never been the same again.

Well here’s a thing about dying for love that is often perplexing, the people outside’s epression : ewww gross!, people inside : happiest moment of their lives, someone falls in love and they totally change as though they were under some spell: somebody killed them, literary death of course.

People’s whole lives also flash before those making the transition. Do you know what it means to have your whole life flash before you?: All the Omollos who hurt you, the Kwambokas who never reciprocated, the Wangecis who led you on then dropped you, the Kiprutos who took you for granted- Their books are closed as you open a new chapter totally ignoring the imminent devastation and the new disappointments ahead.

In the movies again when someone is at the brink of demise, they often give very intelligent lines full of wisdom. Think of the many ‘soldiers’ around you who have fallen (in love), they become all poetic and start noticing beautiful elements to which they now compare their loved ones as though some Shakespearean spirit was hovering around them.

Loved ones are missed when they die. Has a friend of you ever fallen (in love), they disappear on you as though they are detained in some Guatenamo bay. The same disappearing act is upon their families too, mama has never seen the son for the last four years and he’s only three for a week to attend his brother’s wedding that took place.

One, Don’t watch the games with you anymore, they do not drink with you anymore (they now have an ultimatum), they do not hit on girls with you anymore, they do not attend those sleepovers or girls night out and even in girl talk they act all witty and elevated above the rest of you as every statement starts with “Fulani and I…” This, that blab bla bla, you change topic but still Fulani finds his way in. Love kills and you are there missing them.

The writer is a fourth year


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