Be Impartial, Campus Media told By McAgak

The 2013/2014 MUSO aspirants have requested the campus media to be impartial. Speaking during a social evening organized by The Legacy Publication last Friday, most of the aspirants present reiterated the need for campus media to give all the aspirants equal opportunity in coverage. The occasion was attended by representatives from all the media houses in campus. The Legacy was launching its new banner and welcoming their new patron. The publication used the opportunity to make the aspirants aware of what is expected of them. The aspirants were also requested not to utter irresponsible statements that would destabilize unity amongst students. Both parties (the aspirants and the media) pledged to play their part with utmost responsibility. The Legacy also promised to organize a public debate in conjunction with other media houses for the aspirants. Though a date has not been set for the debate, the aspirants will be expected to prove to the student fraternity during the debate that they have the ability to handle the affairs of the students.

MUSO elections are expected to be held next month after being delayed for an academic year. This gave the outgoing 26th SGC a longer period in office. The dissolution of the 26th SGC is expected soon which will make the office vacant. Campaigns are expected to officially commence immediately 26th SGC is dissolved. This year’s election is likely to attract a large number of aspirants but will be the first of its kind in which the finalists will not contest. Some students have argued that the withdrawal of the finalists from the race will make dockets such as the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Finance less competitive. Much is also expected to change in the political landscape following a series of crossfires and public debates arranged for the aspirants before the voting day. The incoming SGC will have a greater job of reclaiming the students’ trust on the association after the outgoing SGC erode the trust. Aspirants who were present at the social evening included those who were vying for the MUSO Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Finance, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General, Security and Accommodation, Catering a


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