“Comrades Power!” Chant the Maseno University students as they take part in a strike. The riots that have seen students set a lorry on fire commenced at 4.00am this morning. A number of structures have also been set ablaze.  The main causes of the strike are both insecurity and lack of sufficient accommodation. “I must say that this insecurity issue is now past repair. We must all rise up and face it in the best way possible,” states one of the students.

Students residing at Emabungo and Nyawita were attacked today at 2.00am in the morning and a number of electronics stolen. This stirred up the need for a strike among the bitter comrades. The Vice-chancellor of Maseno University, Prof. Dominic Makawiti, and the administration in general  is said to pay little attention to the issue of insecurity on campus and that is why the students are calling unto them to take a step. The strike was organized by students and the Students Organization of Maseno University (SOMU) backed them up.

 Policemen are at the scene and can be seen hurling tear gas and stones at the demonstrating students.

The student population in Maseno is over 8000 persons but the accommodation facilities available only have a capacity 4000 bed spaces. This has thus forced a number of students to reside outside the campus. The library too, which bears a capacity is only 300persons, is not able to cater for the whole population.  The lecture halls are also insufficient as some students are forced to attend their classes in tents.

This being the 2nd strike under the leadership of Prof. Makawitti has left many comrades with a lot of questions and currently there are still debating whether they should indulge in negotiations or not. However, the riots are still going on and we will keep you updated.





According to Lil Wayne (What, you thought I would quote Aristotle?) They say you are nobody till somebody kills you but where he’s from you are nobody till you kill somebody, I don’t quite agree with the later coz I wouldn’t harm a fly unless the fly messes with family and hurts me in the process.

From a soap or two whose season finale I watched by accident, people tend to see white light when they die, I can’t dispute for obvious reasons but if this reason, I see zombies all around me, people who have seen white love light and have never been the same again.

Well here’s a thing about dying for love that is often perplexing, the people outside’s epression : ewww gross!, people inside : happiest moment of their lives, someone falls in love and they totally change as though they were under some spell: somebody killed them, literary death of course.

People’s whole lives also flash before those making the transition. Do you know what it means to have your whole life flash before you?: All the Omollos who hurt you, the Kwambokas who never reciprocated, the Wangecis who led you on then dropped you, the Kiprutos who took you for granted- Their books are closed as you open a new chapter totally ignoring the imminent devastation and the new disappointments ahead.

In the movies again when someone is at the brink of demise, they often give very intelligent lines full of wisdom. Think of the many ‘soldiers’ around you who have fallen (in love), they become all poetic and start noticing beautiful elements to which they now compare their loved ones as though some Shakespearean spirit was hovering around them.

Loved ones are missed when they die. Has a friend of you ever fallen (in love), they disappear on you as though they are detained in some Guatenamo bay. The same disappearing act is upon their families too, mama has never seen the son for the last four years and he’s only three for a week to attend his brother’s wedding that took place.

One, Don’t watch the games with you anymore, they do not drink with you anymore (they now have an ultimatum), they do not hit on girls with you anymore, they do not attend those sleepovers or girls night out and even in girl talk they act all witty and elevated above the rest of you as every statement starts with “Fulani and I…” This, that blab bla bla, you change topic but still Fulani finds his way in. Love kills and you are there missing them.

The writer is a fourth year


By Otieno Rodgers
The Legacy Publication team now has a reason to smile after getting a new patron in the last week. The patron will be guiding the team, giving them advice and in helping them adopt the new methodologies that will help them meet national standards.

Mr. Musakali Juma the new patron is a lecturer in the school of information sciences, department of Media and Publishing. He also lectures some courses in the school of Arts and Social sciences particularly the Linguistics, Media and Communication students.

His likes are reading autobiographies and biographies. According to him, They build one’s ego and as one author says, ‘Always strive not to fall, but even if you have to fall, then fall STANDING!’ They inspire him as they (the authors) would like to see others be like them. That is why his greatest pride is to see those going through his hands excelling. It is a form of his self satisfaction.

He believes in knowing a bit of everything. Even if a person is not a scientist, he/she should take time to know how rain is formed. It stops them from speculation and believing in rain makers. He advises us to take interest in other things away from your profession- “For instance,” he says, “One of my favourite pastime activities is watching animals and how they behave on channels like Nat Geo Wild and Animal Planet. It helps me learn a lot of things about God’s wonderful world and other bits and pieces. I get to learn that contrary to the general fears, snakes can’t chase someone and won’t attack them unless provoked, that pythons are not poisonous, that whales can save a human being if they notice you are gasping for breath under water by pushing you to the surface!”
He goes ahead to state that now that the world has gone digital, as patron he would like to see every member increase their online presence because that is the key. He would like the publication to be noticed and thus the publication should create links, increase the likes on facebook, followers on twitter and create blogs as we explore other available digital avenues.

He has a spot for sports too. Soccer, rugby and motor rallying are his favourite. “If I wasn’t a lecturer I would probably be a professional rally driver or may be a Catholic Priest having schooled in the seminary in high school. I love cars, especially oldies and motor shows, that’s why my ride is a 1970 VW Beetle. This one is a constant at my doorstep-others come and go.” He says.

A favourite quote by him is “Even if you are called to be a street sweeper, you must sweep the streets so well that if the Heavenly Host looks down He will say ‘here lives a great street sweeper.” by Martin Luther King Jr.
My short term and long term goals for legacy are to initiate activities that will boost our image and also expose us to opportunities within and outside the university, to use his contacts (especially in the media) to help out on attachments and internships and thirdly to identify talents in The Legacy members and place them appropriately.
The writer is a third school of Arts students.

MAVAZI BY Mannaseh Kuria

Mavazi husitiri miili yetu. Zama za mababu zetu pengiine kabla ya Yesu kuja duniani, mavazi hayakuwa na umuhimu wowote kwa sababu hakukuwa na janaa. Pia maovu yanayotendeka duniani ya uhayawani hayakuwepo. Baadaye yakabuniwa na adinasi akaanza kuyaenzi barabara.
Lakini jinsi ilivyo sasa ni kinyume, mitindo ya mavazi tofauti tofauti imeibuka. Kila kuchao aina yake inazuka. Fasheni za kisasa zinawaathiri hawa vipusa wetu. Ndio kupendeza ni kuzuri na hata macho yetu hupenda kutazama yanayopendeza, mavazi mengine warembo wetu wanayoyavaa hutuacha vinywa vyetu ghaya kushangaa na kupelekea kuvishika vichwa vyetu, fauka ya kukatika shingo tukipenduka. Swali letu ni je, hayo mavazi yanayovaliwa chuoni huvaliwa nyumbani? Bila shaka watajibu la! Hizo nguo hubana nyuma vilivyo, zingine huacha migongo ikiwa wazi bila kusahau mengine huacha ‘ya ng’ombe’ nje. Kwa nini wafanye hayo yote?
Fasheni ni ya muhimu, lazima watu waende na mambo ibuka bila kuachwa nyuma, hapo kitambo shimizi ilivaliwa, leo hii huvaliwa wapi? Fasheni humwacha mtu akiwa safi,nadhifu na hata kupendeza lakini mitindo mingine haifai kwa adinasi aliye na akili timamu kamili.
Wenzi wetu wanapoyavalia hupendeza, mbona nisiwe kama wao?kuwaiga ili tuonekanapo tuwe sawia, lakini wengine hawajui maana ya vazi alilolivaa,kwa mafano ‘ma money grows like grass’ ilhali yeye ni mkata hao ndio utawaona wakivalia nguo za kwenda klabuni kwenda nazo kanisani ambazo zina fedheha.
Tamaa pia hufanya kwenda na mtindo ibuka. Wanaoaadhiriwa haswa ni wasichana, wana tamaa ya kuwavutia wengi, wakizingatia haswa ukoo wa Abrahamu. Ndio, macho hayana pazia. Ukizidisha zaidi utashindwa na hadi kutembea.
Wazazi wetu pengine kwa njia moja au ingine walichangia katika malezi yetu. Wengine walitukazia kuvaa mavazi ya chaguo letu, pengine ni dini au hata kijiji ulicholelewa. Kwa hivyo chuo kikuu kilicho na uhuru, unapelekea kujaribu mavazi yote ili uwe na umahiri.
Swali langu ni je? Visa vya hivi majuzi vya kusikitisha vya kuku Nyeri, wanaume wenye nguvu kupita kiasi bila hata kujali mateke ya punda na hata ng’ombe na p[ia kondoo. Mwingine kashtakiwa huko Thika na nguruwe, mombasani kukawa na mbwa, kesho utamskia mavazi ambayo yanavaliwa yanaleta hizi tamaa za kimapenzi hadi inapelekea kukidhia hitaji hilo na mnyama au ni nini? Tunapolijibu swali hili tutafakari pia hulka yetu.
Hapo ndipo utamsikia msichana akisema kuwa anamtaka mwanamme mzuri aliye na tabia nzuri, lakini atampata wapi mwanaume kama huyo wapi ilhali amevalia nguo kama vipande vipande? Twajua vyema kuwa nguo hutuelezea jinsi tulivyo.
Mavazi ya kupendeza ni mazuri lakini tuyavalie kunakotakikana, ya klabu yaende huko ambayo ni mazuri mno, ya kanisa yavalwe kanisani , ya darasani yavaliwe darasani n.k

Mwandishi ni mwalimu mwaka wa tatu

Be Impartial, Campus Media told By McAgak

The 2013/2014 MUSO aspirants have requested the campus media to be impartial. Speaking during a social evening organized by The Legacy Publication last Friday, most of the aspirants present reiterated the need for campus media to give all the aspirants equal opportunity in coverage. The occasion was attended by representatives from all the media houses in campus. The Legacy was launching its new banner and welcoming their new patron. The publication used the opportunity to make the aspirants aware of what is expected of them. The aspirants were also requested not to utter irresponsible statements that would destabilize unity amongst students. Both parties (the aspirants and the media) pledged to play their part with utmost responsibility. The Legacy also promised to organize a public debate in conjunction with other media houses for the aspirants. Though a date has not been set for the debate, the aspirants will be expected to prove to the student fraternity during the debate that they have the ability to handle the affairs of the students.

MUSO elections are expected to be held next month after being delayed for an academic year. This gave the outgoing 26th SGC a longer period in office. The dissolution of the 26th SGC is expected soon which will make the office vacant. Campaigns are expected to officially commence immediately 26th SGC is dissolved. This year’s election is likely to attract a large number of aspirants but will be the first of its kind in which the finalists will not contest. Some students have argued that the withdrawal of the finalists from the race will make dockets such as the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Finance less competitive. Much is also expected to change in the political landscape following a series of crossfires and public debates arranged for the aspirants before the voting day. The incoming SGC will have a greater job of reclaiming the students’ trust on the association after the outgoing SGC erode the trust. Aspirants who were present at the social evening included those who were vying for the MUSO Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Finance, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General, Security and Accommodation, Catering a


Speak of us, me and you- united by the fact that we all belong to this campus. Therefore, we share quite a lot and that’s why if anything is to take route then, we must be the custodians. It is normal to find fault with any foreign system and any prudent decision must be that which advocate for change. However, for us to achieve the real change, we must first define our truest self lest we be enticed by little excitement that is absorbed in our miseries.
Who then are we? It is us the rabble populace of this misfortune land. It is us, who have been forced to acclimate to extremely congested lecture halls with poor sound systems. It is us, who miss rooms under strict legislation of – clear fees; get a room, even if it’s vividly clear that most of us are sponsors of our own selves. It is us who pile in a corner of a room when it rains simply because there are no funds for renovation. It is us whose only drop of flour gets wet just because H is flooded and no one is there to repair it. It is us who get electrocuted while loading coils on live wires just for the simple factoid that sockets are too expensive for the janitor’s boss to purchase. Amidst all these, we are still the same people whose voices of agitation are screwed and often christened as ruble rousers. We are the same people whose organization has remained quiescent from a force we all understand its source. All these situations describe us, we may not fall victims of the same plague at the same time but at any moment of our stay in this campus, they affect us all the same.
Time is here for us to make things different. It is only through elections that we cast seeds which will eventually contribute to our liberation. Wryly, it mesmerizes me how fast we forget ourselves. With the official campaign period still withheld, the trumpets that obtrude my ears are unbearable. We are already fighting against our own hopes of liberation. If the status quo, where most of the aspirants are betting on the chances of their success based on the support they are assured of from their ‘brothers’ is anything to go by, then we have absolutely lost our priority. I would happily identify with a group under the banner, ‘Soweto Hostels Students Organization’ or ‘Walimu for administrational change’ or even ‘The Engineers Voices’ especially if such associations were inspired by the irrepressible conditions that affect our stay. I would not be hesitant to vote alongside a block that is united by a desire to obviate a situation like renovation of the F and C houses. It is however unfortunate that all the candidates have reverted to other ways with which I am not pleased.
What would be different in us or what would make a distinction between us and our parents back at home? I am not surprised by the way my statesmen are excited by the fact that Obama is the man at the Whitehouse or neither would I be perplexed when Njoroge, my friend defends Mr. President to death, but if Nyaboke (a scholar) is going to support Kenyatta with expectation that matoke will be made a mandatory dish for every student, then certainly something is wrong with her! If my friend Kathure is to vote Karithi, then that decision must solely rest on a concrete desire to make a revolution on a situation that affects Wafula, Mugo, Koech ,and Ochieng’ who are part and parcel of the comrades. Otherwise it would be superfluous and extremely unscholarly for Kipchoge to vote in Cheserem just for irrelevant fact that they share a surname.
The elections are however democratic: one man one vote. Cool! But we must remember Plato, that ancient Greek anti- democracy philosopher who warned of other chances of a so many fools voting for their fellow fool and trouncing the few elites. I smell this possibility in this coming election but how I would rejoice if those fools are not us, the comrades who after the elections shall remain with the very same identity that we currently hold. We must be united with what unites us!


I do not like to pry but the extent at which our political aspirants are willing to go in order to gain votes for themselves baffles me. Being a second year, this is my first time to experience the current wave of university politics. In just a week, my room has been graced by several aspirants of all kinds. Again, in all the associations’ meetings I have attended, one, two or more politicians flock in to ask for our support. But what interests me most is their linguistic ability or should I say inability to woe me into giving them my vote?
I wonder if they really want us to take them seriously. Dear Politician, how do you expect me to vote for you if these are some of the errors you make in your speech:
“I am running for the position of… “
So you say , if I scrutinize that statement well, I picture you running in place of a position. Now is that really what this is all about? If that is the case I would recommend you take off your three- piece suit and pick up something more athletic, because running in a suit is obviously uncomfortable.

“I am going for MUSO…”
Why on earth would you go for the MUSO Chairman/Sec.Gen/…? What do you have against them? Well I suppose we are the ones who should be going for them, given the questionable way they have managed our dear school over the past years. But you, it makes me wonder, why should I elect you in that position if in any case you want to go after MUSO Chairman/Sec.Gen/…?For your future use, it is, ‘I am vying for the position…’

“I offer myself to the service of us…”
If I got that right, you are treading on not so steady ground. Without you knowing it you have just revealed your true self to us, the populace. You have just told us that you are in it for your own interest.
Please make me see, whether it will be my fault at the end of the day when I do not vote for you, because they are your words and as the populace we are moved entirely by words. Not money and certainly not dressing code.

So at the end of the day your position will entirely depend on what comes out of your mouth. Consider thinking about your speech. Take a seat amongst the audience and hear your speech for yourself. Will it be able to sway their hearts and minds to your direction? You know the answer. Right?
I hope you will mind what you say.

The writer is a second year LMC student