A time not so long ago you could walk around campus especially in hostels and all you could see on the walls advertisements on various businesses. Some business owners went as far as to open kiosks in their rooms, stocked them in a super-marketed way. You could get varieties of commodities including the famous ‘sexy ngumus’, sweet buns, milk, vegetables, airtime, chapos and other tamu tamus among others.

What made the businesses a great success was the nature the adverts were made. They were so alluring that one could just find him/herself buying the commodities. Who couldn’t smile by the sight of sexy ngumus and chapos being advertised?

All was under one roof. You couldn’t have to worry being stuck in the mud during  a rainy season like this one. Shopping at stage was then a long distance since how could you walk all the way to stage when the so called kiosks had subsidized prices than those of system and Reliance. Hence do we say Reliance was unreliable? The ‘shopper’s jam’ experienced now at these leading retailers around campus was a thing of the past.

As I recall the only thing that took me to stage was because of the famous muturas especially in the evenings.

Hostel H led in the production of the best and brilliant entrepreneurs. Known for its famous omena, it is where business boomed most. Rumours have it that there is even a posho-mill in the hostel which I am yet to see.

The ‘bei ya campo’ was the talk in campus. Comrades used to enjoy low surfing rates via vouchers purchased. Some students were so keen in comparing the prices at the student center with those of the Systems and Reliance shops. A pricing mechanism was also put in place because the MUSO of that time (The Moi University Shop Owners) were retailing at higher rates as compared to stage.

Am yet to ask bwana Ruto(studie) what happened to the smokies, chipos, chapos and hot dogs he used to sell. So, was there a recession in the economy that has been felt up to now?

What happened to the so called LAN? That ‘zuku’ of that time? Does it still exist? Or does it mean the moguls behind it had their fill from the comrade’s subscriptions?

It is time they came back basing that the so much awaited European soccer is just a few days to commence, for the sake of our soccer fans.

So, to our potential entrepreneurs; whatever you can do or dream you can, the time to start is now.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Step forward and work smart to achieve the best.

And quoting from Audrey Hepburn;

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m Possible!’ “.





The writer is a 3rd year in the school of Business



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