Take A Look and Appreciate ~ By Diana RASUGU

My friends think I am crazy about nature. I think one is crazy not to love nature. I feel nature is not given the appreciation it deserves. How would you feel if no one recognizes a good thing you have done? This is how a tree feels when you do not recognize it.

Take a look at the rising sun at dawn or the golden horizon as it sets: it is so beautiful- amazing.  How many of us thank God or leave alone to recognize it. We should learn not to take nature for granted.  The grass is so green carpeting the vast pieces of land yet since the day I Joined Moi I have never seen anyone lie on it. What is its use? Stamping on it with your muddy shoes? Does it cross your mind that probably the grass feels painful when you don’t use the pavements?

Just imagine of our campus in Sahara, hot and dusty sand is all you endure, no place to lay, no beautiful scenery to admire, life would be disgusting! The next time you lay your foot on grass- appreciate it! Thank God for it.

I won’t finish this article without mentioning the flowers. Everyone thinks am extravagant to always have a vase of fresh flowers in my room but all I do I appreciate God’s amazing work. Bright colours, sweet fragrance, what else would one ask for? They are just too adorable to touch, smell and look at.

Take a look appreciate God’s creation. The trees standing tall, still and peaceful. I would say my favorite tree in this compound is one standing at the junction where the path leaving Hostel H meets the ICDC-MTL highway. Which is yours?  Take time! Appreciate God’s creation.

the writer is a 2nd year SASS, Moi University Main Campus 


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