We Celebrate our Finalists ~ By NYAGA Monica

It has been nice having you in Moi University. My congratulatory note to the 5th year engineering students who left the premise last month. I know it was a great relieve started in 1st year till the last minute when they did their last paper.
 Secondly I congratulate the current fourth years our finalists. I will begin by congratulating you all. Bravo my brothers and sisters for the far you have come. I know deep inside your hearts are soothing with joy of coming to an end to the 8-4-4 system and also completion of you careers. The nation is happy because its about to give birth to  new experts in various sectors i.e doctors, beautiful teachers, great businessmen and women outstanding human resource managers, IT experts, engineers, community developers and man more.
I know it has not been easy to see an academic year begin and end. But my heartfelt condolences goes to those we have lost in their finally year and other students we lost along the way. We thank the Almighty God for bringing you this far.
Thanks for your great patience. To be precise, you are the class that has completed four years in campus since 2009 up to 2013. Your fellow comrades in other campus are already through but that did not kill your morale. Congratulations.
You have seen several first years coming to campus. You have been so friendly and warm towards your juniors. Thanks for mentoring the ones behind you.
 Guys, you have held the school clubs to where they are today. I congratulate all the club chairpersons for their noble tasks, you have been great leaders. Wesonga of CIPA, George Dung of St John’s , Teddy of Red cross ,Yvonne Akwiri of Peer Counselling, Njoroge of Enactus, Joshwa Victor Anangwe of The Legacy and many more.
 I cannot forget to recognise the great enterprenuers among the finalists. You have really held the Moi economy to where it is. You have promoted the spirit of entrepreneurship and you have impacted many. The likes of campus designers, look at the beautiful certs, banners, T-shirts e.t.c. I will not forget those who have engaged in providing food staffs such ngumu, eggs, photocopy and printing. Finally, I would like to recognise the outstanding finalist enterprenuer Ole Nakola the finance director. At a tender age he has managed to set up a group of companies and he is one of the youth Kenya should be proud of for contributing towards the nations economic growth.
On the other hand I wont forget the campus love stories. Some of the partners have been in numerous relationships, others none and others have held the ones the got in first year. Some have been heartbroken, others frustrated and others depressed but all in all you can cage you have enjoyed on the other hand you have gained knowledge and learned a lesson.
There has been ups and downs but you remained steadfast on your dreams. I know you do not have much to regret. Just to encourage you, the world is waiting with a lot of expectations from you.
 I would like to recognise some of the outstanding ladies among the finalists for their contribution in campus especially in clubs. Beginning with; Mar Kamau, Jentrix Barasa, Carol of CIPA, Chebii of enactus, Olive Chebet, Linet Njeri, Sandra Mac’Onyango, Marie Nyokabi, Pauline Njoroge and many more.
As you leave campus, just know you are so dear to Moi University fraternity. We shall sincerely miss you. We do not feel like letting you go but you have to go and search for greener pastures out there. All the best. Trust in God and use the knowledge you have acquired in four years both academically and practically. May God open the doors you knock and get a job so that you may join the vision 2030 partners in developing our nation. Represent Moi out there in a good as we wish you all the best in your activities.

The Writer is  3rd Year , SASS, Moi Unicersity Main Campus


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