Message to the incoming Leadership The Legacy – Publication of Moi University Students

From The Chairperson ANANGWE Victor
It has been a wonderful and glorious moment serving as the Managing editor of The legacy Moi University Publication for one academic year and as the chairperson for a period of two academic years. It has been a pleasure interacting, training and mentoring many campus writers in realization to their career and passions.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Moi University fraternity for giving us a shoulder to lean on whenever it was to tough. I thank our audience, writers and fans for being with us all the time.
As the outgoing chair, under my leadership, The Legacy Publication has been able to tremendously increase its audience, we have increased our publication to thrice per week, We have found an outstanding logo for this noble media house, We managed to set up a Facebook account with about 3000 fans, a twitter account with about 1600 followers  on Twitter  and a word press. Introduction of the cartoons b the great cartoonist Mr Nyamai Nick.
I therefore wish to congratulate my successor Rodgers Otieno for being chosen as the new Chairperson of The Legacy Publication. I wish you all the best in your new duties. May you find The Legacy esteemed audience, readers and all stakeholders a  better platform to deliver. You can do it better. I wish you all the best.

The Editor-in-Chief Edwin Otieno
Felicitations to the new office, it is now time to leave a legacy behind; that was left behind for us. So far my stay with the Informative and Interactive has been magnificent having been an employee for the past four years.  Encouragement to all the members, writers, the officials, the sponsors charged with the continuation; being a member of a club like The Legacy gives a chance to exploit potential which could otherwise been wasted; a chance to put into practice the lecture hall knowledge into the actual field; a chance to widen our professional networking through socialising; a chance to have a taste of how the corporate world seems. To my successor, Diana Rasugu , this is an opportunity to make good use of your ability in a productive and constructive manner rather than being bored and idle (note, an idle mind is the devils workshop) remember not all can be perfect, not all are experts but through Inspiring Innovation; Persistent Perfection (the Asus Tech Slogan),  as the enthusiasts get a chance to be experts someday. All the best till you hand-over.
I take this opportunity to thank our esteemed audience and the entire Moi university fraternity  for the mutual support, encouragement and warm appreciation in treating our writers with decorum.

The Public Relations Officer (Cartoonist) NYAMAI Nick
It has been a Pleasure working with THE LEGACY publication as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) and in the office of the Chief Cartoonist. I wish to thank all the newly elected leaders and wish them a positive working attitude towards moving this great media house forward. I also thank the team I worked together with in informing, educating and entertaining the entire Moi university, my foremost gratitude’s to our Chairman (Mr. Victor Anangwe), thanks for  your hard work and ensuring that we stand tall above all odds. To my successor Monica Nyagah, I wish you all the best as you take this position of leadership. Proff Chochi  and Raymond congratulations for your good artistic work as cartoonists.
God bless the entire Legacy fraternity.


One thought on “Message to the incoming Leadership The Legacy – Publication of Moi University Students

  1. I take this opportunity to thank the outgoing leadership led by Mr Anangwe whom I met and interacted with before he left the office. He exhibited servant and interactive leadership which sums up the successes. I wish to congratulate the entire team and wish them all the best out there. I am confident the skills they have acquired will present them with many, more opportunities.
    -Musakali Juma, incoming Patron.

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