Finally my will is out ~ By ANANGWE Victor

It has been a pleasure being in this universal school of higher learning; another universe that harboured my next generational pin-pops of life. I am proud, I have fought a good fight, I have won the race in many ways and lost in times of tag of war which has always been my lifetime game.
Many have reminded me as a senior counsel to clarify what am leaving for who and who is taking what to avoid commotion when I have left. I also want to state that I don’t own any child behind or to any unknown woman who may come late in my name. If there is one, raise your hand now.

But as I depart from this precious academy of humanical knowledge injector, I won’t forget that I am leaving behind a well accumulated wealth that needs keen care to maximise the profits and minimise costs.

First of all, my coil. As I have well stated, for the last four years of hard labour in cooking, I dedicate all my working coils to my favourite friend Mophat. I know that this will be a crucial weapon to see you terminally full whenever you walk into LH1. May you find them more useful than I did. Just a precaution; avoid use of large Sufurias like those that Wanyonyi always used. They are harmful to the coil.

My Mbwenya’s … I have been watching whoever can fit in my oversize suits and I think I have well identified. My dear friend Omondi, I appreciate the efforts you have made to show that my dressing cotyledons won’t be erased very soon in the Moi fraternity. May you find them hanging executively on the highways. Take care lest you be referred to as Omosh wa masuti the way I almost showered the try-typical titles.

My Shamba, it’s unfortunate that the shambas I owned none of them has yet acquired a title deed. The titles deeds are slowly maturing together with the delay compensation. The first plot is four  by six meters apart in hostel D222 on the third flow, the second plot which is the smallest in the famous H three by four plot no 170H and lastly my latest plot no 124G, the most precious plot surrounded by great smokers of cigar and hashish.

The chairmship leadership, I prefer this lively docket to be inherited by the very enthusiastic slimy Wilkister. Keep me alive in the capacities. Remember, the chairman of all the Great Legacy, the famous Mulembe Boys Association, the BS Dad (Business Study Dilema), the mighty Bukaki, the loudy LMC squad and all the additional values. Keep them alive for me.

Finally, My wives, I know that Akuku Danger is still dangerous, but I have tried my best to break the unbroken record. I know that am leaving the Yvonnes behind, but it won’t just be enough to put the spear at her door and count your luck. Observe my distributional criteria in my will. John, may you be in charge of Rita in J, the most stubborn, Collo, take charge of Winnie in K, she likes expensive clothes. Rodgers, be a man now and take care of Rose the best no.4 in E, the resident should not scare you. Joel, take good care of Anne in L, she’s my best cook and good in making mokimo. Finally, I wish to warrn that nobody should take care of SMB. I will take care  of her myself though the phone. May be you might just give her credit to call me. That’s enough.
I wish to congratulate all those I have worked with throughout the period. It was a pleasure knowing you and diligently executing our duties together in the student fraternity of Moi University. May God bless you. God bless The Legacy – Publication of Moi University Students. God Bless Moi University Main Campus


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