Take A Look and Appreciate ~ By Diana RASUGU

My friends think I am crazy about nature. I think one is crazy not to love nature. I feel nature is not given the appreciation it deserves. How would you feel if no one recognizes a good thing you have done? This is how a tree feels when you do not recognize it.

Take a look at the rising sun at dawn or the golden horizon as it sets: it is so beautiful- amazing.  How many of us thank God Continue reading


Benefit to Be in Campus Club

It is often said that the best life you can never have is an academic life. From my experience, I can gladly say that university life has offered me one of the best ways of life, I’ve had so far. Until now, for the reason that my hope is that the future will be better than what I had in college. But anyway the best years of anyone’s life should be left to individual perception.

As I entered my fourth year, I find myself thinking a lot about what I’ve accomplished so far, and Continue reading

Message to the incoming Leadership The Legacy – Publication of Moi University Students

From The Chairperson ANANGWE Victor
It has been a wonderful and glorious moment serving as the Managing editor of The legacy Moi University Publication for one academic year and as the chairperson for a period of two academic years. It has been a pleasure interacting, training and mentoring many campus writers in realization to their career and passions. Continue reading

We Celebrate our Finalists ~ By NYAGA Monica

It has been nice having you in Moi University. My congratulatory note to the 5th year engineering students who left the premise last month. I know it was a great relieve started in 1st year till the last minute when Continue reading

Finally my will is out ~ By ANANGWE Victor

It has been a pleasure being in this universal school of higher learning; another universe that harboured my next generational pin-pops of life. I am proud, I have fought a good fight, I have won the race in many ways and lost in times of tag of war which has always been my lifetime game.
Many have reminded me as a senior counsel to clarify what am leaving for who and who is taking what to avoid commotion when I have left. I also want to state that I don’t own any child behind or to any unknown woman who may come late in my name. If there is one, raise your hand now.

But as I depart from this precious academy of humanical knowledge injector, Continue reading

Cartoon: A finalists’ 4 year investment – NICK Nyamai

Cartoon: A finalists’ 4 year investment - NICK  Nyamai

As finalists count days to make their last strides out of the splendid karibu umefika gate, many questions, doubts and desolate hopes Continue reading

Campus: Of Wooing and Whoring – By Bonface Masese

Apparently we are all in campus. I say apparently because it is not entirely the case, at least not socially; hence the need to share with you some of the most effective methods mugs use to sweep their crush off their feet and onto their bed. I will address our respectable ladies the moment they realize the difference between wooing and whoring. Continue reading