The Power in You ¬ By NYAKUNDI Duke

Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity that has been applied greatly in the scientific world and it has driven technology to its at most top. One unique thing about this theory is that, Albert saw it in a dream and the following day he put it down in writing.

It is said that Albert Einstein was a genius because of his achievements in the world of physics for example the equation E=MC2.His brain had a high thinking capacity because before he was born, Albert stayed in his mother’s womb for more than the required nine months. Therefore, because he stayed longer in the womb the brain had a chance to develop more and hence it got to become more superior.

In the world we are living, it is crystal clear that most of us are just normal human beings with an average thinking capacity. We are not geniuses. Normal human beings utilize up to about 7% of the brain. Thus we cannot grasp a lot of knowledge or come up with ingenious accomplishments like Isaac Newton or even Albert Einstein.

But again, psychologists keep telling us that we can be who we want to be and the sky is the limit. They motivate us. The brain is very powerful tool. It is good that we should all appreciate that our parents were able to take us to school because knowledge and wisdom are the most valuable things your parents could ever give you.

You need to sit and alone and meditate upon your past life in order to plan your life right and even get to accomplish your plans successfully. Each day is like a clean piece of paper bestowed unto you and all you need to do is write whatever you feel like on that paper. You cannot change the past but you have the ability to determine your future. If you say that you can achieve something or say you cannot achieve it then you are equally right. There is great potential in all of us waiting to be unleashed. We just need an eye opener or a little push in order to propel ourselves to great heights. The reason why entrepreneurs achieve more than employees is because entrepreneurs are as free as birds in the air to do as they wish and have taken risks and with time they become successful and reap maximum benefits. You got to do something. We are in campus to get knowledge and empowerment. Once we get out there let’s not go and beg for jobs. Let’s create jobs. Believe you me that each one of us is an entrepreneur because we are created in the image of God.

God by nature was an entrepreneur that is why He created the entire universe. As His beings we all have the ability to create our own products and come up with things to do or even come up with solutions to our daily challenges. The reason I can never write a CV is because I know that the moment I get out of “this place” am never going to look for a job!

Please let’s not limit ourselves. The exams are around the corner, lets believe in ourselves. There is no need to copy. The exams are never hard, you need to read at least once then apply the knowledge you have acquired to solve the questions.

The writer is an Engineering student , Moi University Main Campus


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