Ladies rise up and shine ¬ By NYAGA Monica

Ladies in Moi university have been afraid of taking high leadership positions either in MUSO , TSA or other clubs and movements for a long time. They have been taking a backseat especially on issues pertaining fighting for students rights or their rights to take up leadership.

For instance, in MUSO , there is a stereotype that some positions are reserved for men and others for ladies. I bet to disagree with that; it can be weird for a man to run for the position of vice chairperson  or   catering or a lady running for MUSO chair or finance. I challenge ladies and gentlemen to ignore these stereotype and focus on bringing  good leadership in campus.

Even in clubs,  there  are  very  few  ladies who are heading fresh groups. I don’t know why this happens but ladies should rise up and work hard so that they can be trusted to run these groups, CIPA, ENACTUS,AISEC,ESA, EAYP and many others.

For religious organizations such as CU or CSA , for long time, the seat of the chair has been reserved for men. With the complication of religion and the use of the bible to reinforce this, women have remained discriminated in terms of leadership roles in the church only taking the left over from men. I respect that, however, the bible should not be the backbone to discriminate women from taking leadership especially when they can serve better.

In various schools too, there is unequal representation. For instance, the school of Engineering , the number of ladies are countable, This common in the field of study but I am grateful for the past ten years ; ladies have started shining in sciences.

Generally, in campus leadership and administration men have dominated, from chancellor, vice chancellor, dean of students, chief academic officer, chief security officer, there is no lady except for subordinate duties. I  challenge  the  administration  to  consider ladies in those positions.

I am grateful to our government which has broken the norm and given the ministry of security to a lady. I salute Rachel Omamo for her new position. This is an encouragement to all ladies to pursue wherever they want without fear including the men dominated sectors.

Ladies in Moi we are blessed and endowed with different talents and gifts. Lets embrace what God has given us. The university does not discriminate against women. It has given us an opportunity to compete effectively with them in academics and leadership.

Ladies lets be part of those who make Moi a successful institution. WE can stop being perpetuator and champions of bad leadership when we can serve better. Let our names not shine in Frakas and dominate male hostels but let us shine in being champions of peace, social, economic and political developments.

Let’s stop staying in the rooms cooking and entertaining ourselves. Lets join men in libraries, learn and come up with theories and discoveries together.

Finally I can urge the student fraternity to support ladies in achieving all these dreams. Do not look down upon them or belittle them. Do not intimidate them, support them and give them a chance to lead. Ladies in Moi university, lets stand and prove to the whole world especially Moi fraternity the “Yes we Can”. It’s possible.

As I finish, let me recognize the following ladies who have stood in the midst of men to show that ladies can also make it in leadership capacity:   Frida Mutito, Consolata Waithera, Victoria , Immaculate Chelagat, Susan Mbithe, Monica Nyaga, Journaliste Passie, Catherine Wanjiki, Pauline Gachinja and many more, the list is endless. Let’s stand up and shine ladies.

  The Writer is 3rd year SASS social work student, Moi University


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