I Stand to Acknowledge ¬ BY ANANGWE Victor

When I was young, I ate like a child, I played like a child, innocence was full in my head, playing was my hobby, then suddenly my tight family links started breaking each every step that I made towards education.  From nobody to somebody today, from my nursery school in that Nyaporo Pentecostal church that hosted me fully for my nursery school scholarship to that village school Eshiakhulo primary which I had to stroll everyday from my home six kilometers away every morning and evening without breakfast and lunch. Then to that great seminary, St Peters Seminary Mukumu where I met my next formators, now counting Moi University. Today I stand to recognize and to acknowledge for who I am today.

It is a great pleasure to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have contributed to the wellbeing of my life and the great moments I have had in Moi University especially as a writer of The Legacy. I stand to thank and to appreciate those whom I have walked along with, those who lifted me and encouraged me to move on, those who continued to protect me from straying and watchdogged me. I want to specifically appreciate the following that have mentored me and helped me to push through in the field of journalism in campus fraternity:

Curlvins Adhere Otieno..My immediate predecessor,  I appreciate the effort you made to help me discover my potentials in writing and leadership. You acted as a true candle that illuminated my path henceforth. Be blessed.

Elvis Ondieki..I salute you for the encouragement you gave me keep the Legacy alive, active and competitive. Indeed through the encouragement, we have brought it far. I appreciate the times you took to show me how management is done. I thank you for inspiring many writers in campus including me.  I salute you.

Dikembe Disembe.. A good friend and a patriotic comrade, thank you for all we have shared as writers.  A good critique, I appreciate your harsh tags, you have helped many to re-engineer their passions in writing. Though we never ran on the same political platform, you are a good keeper and a defender.

Nick Nyamai.. I loved your cartoons; you have inspired me and many through the image speaking. Your immoral revolution in campus through cartooning has seen a lot of changes in the student fraternity. The  humour explored through them was just wonderful. I also recognize your inspirational writings. You touched my heart. A good friend you have been.

Nyamweya Omar.. The mswahili in the compound, I stand to recognize you. Your great works always gave me morale to try and bit your heights. You gave me energy as  I stood healthy in the field though with little experience. You were of great help, 3rd Eye owe you a big salute than I do.

Lawi Lawi.. My co-driver in the immediate media house “The 3rd Eye” .It was a great pleasure cooperating with you and your media house. I appreciate the The 3rd Eye for being my initial journalism club. It was grateful being a member before I moved to this current media house.

James Ndone.. A wonderful Swahili writer, I loved your art. It was pleasing working with you. Memories will never evaporate. I liked your spirit of team building and corporation. Good fortunes in your future.

Edwin Otieno.. I am glad you made us work it from nothing to great online networks, within a short span we have joined Facebook and twitter and we are doing great. Thank you.

Finally I appreciate my immediate former vice chair Flavia Kassamani. You always gave me motivation and the will to make it better. Thank you. I also recognize all The Legacy Family and the rest for the passion and hard work you do all time. Keep the fire burning.

Thank you all

The writer is the outgoing chairman, The Legacy – Moi University Students Publication


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