Do What You Ought To ¬ By MBUGUA Dan

IN the society where we are expected to make decisions, take charge of our lives, know what to do and at what time is quite challenging. In most cases we tend to rely on what other people do or decide and what is taken generally as the “normal”  way of reacting to various situations facing us.

We cannot ignore the effects of social media in our decision making; facebook, twitter, flickr among others. With facebook for instance, one requests and add friends who in most cases are strangers. They add up from one thousand to four thousand friends. A time we are honest enough to update the status with what actually is in our mind; updates of issues that are real and affecting us, in fact very sensitive. “Just broke up with my guy, I don’t know what to do” You end up becoming vulnerable and someone can take advantage of that and destroy you; you begin to perceive relationships in a different way and instead develop hatred toward the other gender or either someone tunes you in the pretext of comforting and ends up hurting you more Furthermore, your data becomes public on this social site and that threatens your privacy.

Addiction to such social sites will make you lose interest of the surrounding environment such that you only think about yourself and those you interact with on the sites. This makes one ignore the reality and that more than just chatting and sharing comments is required especially in decision making. Not only in the world of social networking that we find dependence on others on decision making, even in our lecture rooms, hostel, and worship hall among other places. It is wise that we realize that each one is living his or her life and it all depends with the decisions we make. In a matter of spirituality, we need to have time with ourselves and meditate about our lives and what we need to do so as to remain sturdy and avoid evil. For that we have a reference: Holy Books and other spiritual books.

Me, Myself and I…as soon as you realize that you are three in one: your body, mind and soul, decision making and control over your life will become easy. You are special and nobody is like you as in biological point of view and also in perception of things, issues and situations and thus decision making! You have the will to choose what is best and avoid regrets or laying the blame on others. I am not suggesting that we ignore the aspect of consulting because through that, we get varieties of ideas and choices to select from. This is the point guidance and counselling services becomes useful. In our contemporary living, we have to sieve the information and opinions that we receive to remain with that what is relevant and of use to us.

How can someone convince you to have unprotected sex in the justification of taking pills? The consequences are known too well; pregnancy, STI or AIDS! Or how can a comrade convince you not to attend lectures because it is drizzling? You know absolutely well the importance of attending lectures. Or how can you march to admin  to seek response on the delayed Helb? You know too well who are responsible for HELB disbursement.

The resolution is upon you!

The Writer is 3rd Year, LMC, SASS, Moi UNiversity MAin Campus


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