I Stand to Acknowledge ¬ BY ANANGWE Victor

When I was young, I ate like a child, I played like a child, innocence was full in my head, playing was my hobby, then suddenly my tight family links started breaking each every step that I made towards education.  From nobody to somebody today, Continue reading


The Power in You ¬ By NYAKUNDI Duke

Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity that has been applied greatly in the scientific world and it has driven technology to its at most top. One unique thing about this theory is that, Albert saw it in a dream and the following day he put it down in writing.

It is said that Albert Einstein was a genius because of his achievements in the world of physics for example the equation E=MC2.His brain had a high thinking capacity because before he was born, Continue reading

Ladies rise up and shine ¬ By NYAGA Monica

Ladies in Moi university have been afraid of taking high leadership positions either in MUSO , TSA or other clubs and movements for a long time. They have been taking a backseat especially on issues pertaining fighting for students rights or their rights to take up leadership.

For instance, in MUSO , there is a stereotype Continue reading

Do What You Ought To ¬ By MBUGUA Dan

IN the society where we are expected to make decisions, take charge of our lives, know what to do and at what time is quite challenging. In most cases we tend to rely on what other people do or decide and what is taken generally as the “normal”  way of reacting to various situations facing us. Continue reading

A Story to My Kids ¬ By ANANGWE Victor

When I finally pack my luxuries and depart this institution with the most ambiguous, equivocal and abstruse differences especially in the academic sector where academic calendars are even altered overnight, I will narrate to my kids Continue reading