Good for Nothing Intellects ¬ By OYONGE Oyonge

EDUCATION gives rise to non-ignorant individuals. Higher education in particular, gives rise to intellectuals and men with ability to reason. However, to some, it is as if this higher education has done them nothing much as far as intellect is concerned. Thus, if indeed there was another class of education, then it would not appear strange to me to see men and women swimming towards it.

Anybody in the university is considered a sharp-minded fellow with the ability to reason critically and analytically. To my astonishment, majority of the comrades in this campus still lack these abilities. Most of us tend not to give respect to the diverse make-up of the institution and still end up reasoning and even debating on the basis of tribe. This not only effects the students but also some of the teaching staff, sorry to say this. We understand that we are not equal and that we have different tribal depositions, however, tribal chieftaincy and political partnership should not guide and fast track our way of thinking.

Just a few days ago, I was indeed irritated by this man (lecturer) who kept on giving negative and annoying examples using just a particular tribe. Am not from the tribe, but and felt as though this man had made bloody natural hate for a particular tribe, to which he was referring to.

I know some of you might think that I am the one who is a tribal rationalist, but that’s not the case. I only felt it wrong for a man of such caliber and level of education to use such tribal examples during his teaching, being that the institution and the class in particular consist of students from almost all tribes, though unequally represented.

The fact that one hauls from the so called ‘major’ tribes, which to me do not exist, does not mean that one should have nothing but disrespect for the so called ‘minor’ tribes.

I think our level of education does not, and should not permit us to think along tribal lines. By so doing, we are subverting the collective will of we the intellects; that is respecting our nature of diversity. We are also disrespecting the environment in which we are in and the degree of academics we are pursuing and that which we have acquired.

Therefore, in all that we do, let us treat our diverse linguistics, tribes, regions and cultures, not as tower of babel but as a power of babel, by celebrating our cultural diversity. It is only this that can give a friend, a neighbor or anybody within our ecological niche a sense of belonging.

 The Writer is 2nd year Education, Moi University Main Campus


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