26th SGC Must Vacate! ¬ By OMBONGO Georges

It would be less than honest if said that all is well, because it is not. Today we as students are witnessing a deepening and escalating crisis within. We are intensely aware, and it seems our tongues have been tied not to speak and the few radicals who have had the guts to condemn them have been faced with a strong force of the authority. Without being economical with truth, the 26th SGC has overstayed in office, it’s unconstitutional, illegal and we are scandalized and bewildered that ‘the administration could be protecting, covering and defending this unrecognized council by comrades’. What is the use of having a constitution if it is not honoured and respected by the authority? We have lost faith in it because it has failed to give effective protection to our fundamental rights. It is everyone’s guess and belief that destroys the rule of law and justice, thereby destroying the society too.

Our trust and confidence in this constitution is further weakened when we see it being compromised for the selfish interests of the eleven directors. We strongly believe that the university need reforms and we will not have our intentions blunted by the authorities who accept reforms only so long as the university continues to run in the old way. What we are supplicating for is not obscure and unknown to the authority, if it were not such a serious problem we would be amused by the variety of fuddy-duddy and pseudo-scientific attempts to diagnose our state of mind. Our needs are obvious and so simply human that any ideology of the left or right, or breast beating by our elders, can do nothing but complicate and obfuscate the problem.

We seek for an immediate dissolution of the 26th SGC and for approval of the new constitution which will create a platform for students to have a say in the decisions affecting them.

Except in theory and in a few courses in the university that teach about freedom, these ordinary rights, have all been jeopardized by both reactionaries and extremists on the left; by those who claim that we now have a democratic society and that each person should have the right insofar as he can to participate in those decisions which affect him and yet deny him that right in practice.

Those others in opposition to the ‘establishment’ preach freedom and respect to law and in practice would impose another form of control and conformity in ideas, and in their turn deny others basic rights, we know we are rowing against the stream, but our quest for the new constitution won’t be thwarted. We hope it will open avenues through which students can participate in the development of this institution. Everyone is aware its history has been long emancipatory struggle against all manner of oppression (towards the commission mandated) by the 25th SGC lead by the then Chairman Mwamburi Mwangombe and Sec-Gen Okeri. The 26th SGC lead by Florence Doghana and Dikembe Disembe who intensely agitated for it somersaults only to problematize its relevance and dismiss its possibility. Students whom we perceived to be not only popular leaders but also vibrant and eloquent, could change ‘MOI UNIVERSITY STAFF ORGANIZATION’ to MOI UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ORGANIZATION’ as he reiterated, but that is still a dream! Riiiaaaah!

 The Writer is 3rd year LMC, SASS Moi University


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