Stealing Girlfriends ~ By ANANGWE JVC

From a story of a teacher who was thoroughly beaten to death by mourners in Kakamega County for stealing the Bishop’s wife as the man of God was busy transpiring the word of eternity to the mourners; the teacher’s to get hold of what he has been targeting for long in vain. Little did he know his day had also come. May his soul rest in peace. Why do men like stealing other’s girlfriends? This is even rampant in campus.

Men will always follow ladies of their target with lots of respect and enthusiasm. No sooner that the lady accepts to download her whole heart for him than the Guy starts feeling that the inner is not as beautiful as the outer. At this point, the target for other people’s girlfriends is launched and mostly successful.

One thing that amazes me is how it takes so long for ladies to distinguish themselves from the too many make ups they entrench themselves with. How a lady can just be stolen and later be returned by the good guy just like her sandals. Degrading yourself. ‘Men nao …. mmm.. wizi wa mamanzi …’

Some ladies prefer to hunt those they feel are theirs but this makes the man recessive among the dominant male elements. A man falling for you because ‘ulimkatia’ (you seduced him), rest be assured, you are just his jackpot, fishpond or honeycomb. He will never love you but act perfectly to continue having his dues before finally kicking you out of his life.

A lady would admire a man because of jealous the woman around him enjoys. On the other hand real men will never fall for you when they know who dipped in your plate. They also treasure your manner upon their satisfaction with the facial look as their Tharaka Nithi (strong holds).

 The Writer is 4th Year LMC, SAAS, Moi University Main Campus


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