Kenyan Rose on Concrete ~ By NYAMAI Nick

Tupac Shakur’s (Makaveli) poem, A Rose That Grew From the Concrete, is a symbolic reality of majority of Kenyans life, the system of ruling and the division of people, favourism and greed from our politicians.

Before delve into the Kenyan rose, look at Tupac’s’ life and see a protégé with ardor to resist the white dominance …Tupac Shakur was a hip hop rapper, a poet, actor. The concrete is the street life he grew up-the ghetto life. Raised by a single parent (mother) without a better job to sustain the family, while the rose symbolizes a beautiful thing that came from a difficult situation, in 1995 at 25 years, his net worth was 40 million USD. This is the rose; His music enabled him to live a luxurious lifestyle before he died, September 13, 1996 of cardiac arrest after street shooting.

Many Kenyans are roses growing from the crack of concrete, even with unequal distribution of natural resources, majority have managed to beat the uneven mindset of ‘God-fatherism’ to make it in life. Life is a battle, with winners and losers, people die while some get injured. This crack has managed to raise a lot of roses; elegant ones, difficult to uproot, can only be admired from a distance.

There has been much debate in the media about the issue of regional balance on how positions of power are been allocated by the jubilee government. There will be sort of favourism and tribalism to perpetuate their dominance and hegemony in an atmosphere characterized by scarce resources. But still a rose from the crack, a charming rose that will not wither but defy the system of ‘It’s Our Time’ will grow. This rose symbolizes a better leader, someone who will openly get the courage to remove the concrete for other roses to mature and sparkle.

It is a sad fact that even after 50 years of independence, we still have Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), these are roses that have refused to wither and still growing on the concrete, that we have Kenyans dying in their homes because medical facilities are poor or the nurses have downed their tools for the sake of better pay-these are beautiful roses that have been uprooted.

We have managed to beat the impediment, still growing and soon will become elegant roses. Though growing from the cracks of concrete, we will make a better Kenya by empowering other roses about to wither. For the uprooted, this does not make end of a worthwhile career but the beginning of a worthwhile fight that defines our togetherness and ability to rise up as citizens of one republic united by one constitution. The tribal factor is a disease of the evil minded; we can only kill it by seeing ourselves as people of one origin- humankind.

Kenyans are still optimistic that the devolution of political and economic power to the lowest administrative levels will bring a lifelong solution to the exclusion of the marginalized communities. This will seal all cracks to allow us to be roses planted in a garden, natured and watered equally like others.

 The Writer is 4th year LMC, SAAS , Moi university Main Campus


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