Change of Style ~ By OYONGE Oyonge

BEING a 1st year is always preceded by a variety of cultures and lifestyles. In many universities, Moi University so to specify, what defines and redefines a 1st year is the dressing code and manner of articulation. Most of us always tend to run away from our villageism (normal way of life) and on the process embrace and emulate what dressing code we have found in the campus.

Indeed, it is said that if you go to Rome do what the Romans do. Yes, I don’t oppose this but it is better to change with changes and this is an acceptable phenomena. However, majority of us tend to dig deep into the culture to a point where by we find ourselves way out of the cultures and lifestyle in campus.

I vividly remember of our first times in 1st year when almost everyone was in possession of an ear piece.  Ironically some of us, me included, who possessed ‘kabambe’ and ‘mulika mwizi’ phones had the most expensive ear pieces. This was one better way of distinguishing us from the rest of the comrades.

The girls had a tendency of mixing and mismatching their hairstyles. A girl who possessed and wore no ‘tights or leggings’ was considered an out of campus girl. Truly, I have more than enough different kinds of cultures that I can extract from these groups of students.

Nevertheless, the realization of the arrival of these groups back to the campus now as second years is not a matter to be taken for blindness. They are here, and with a different approach to life. Even from their manners of speaking, and what they speak is enough to tell that indeed, there is an advancement in their brain capacity.

They have started to view life not as ladies and gentlemen ‘marketing’ themselves but as a group of individuals who really know the purpose of being in such an institution of higher learning. Indeed, even the manner of dressing has by far changed. It was just yesterday that I managed to spot only two guys wearing caps in a class of over seven hundred students as compared to 1st year when the number was vice versa.

I take this opportunity therefore to congratulate this group of citizens. On a positive note, you people are undergoing a revolution. Keep it up fellow comrades.

The Writer is a 2nd Year, Education Moi University Main Campus



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