Thy Love: Facebook ~ By Dan MBUGUA

What is this that you have that makes me think about you always? Coming to my life was a wonder and I swiftly responded to your eye-catching looks then I subscribed. Ever since, I have never imagined a day passing without thinking about you.

  You have formed part of my life. Whenever I touch your face over your body to the lowest, you instantaneously respond by showing me all the delicacy made of you. Sometimes I just close my eyes in disbelieve. I see facials which every so often are sensual. Don’t you realise that they offend me?

  Superficially, when we meet I always find my friends all over! However, I do understand your situation. It depends with the state of mind of those around you.  You always give me chance to say what is in my mind. I find that rather well-intentioned as I get a chance to tell them all; what I have been up to, what am doing at the moment, what my friends said, where I want to go out this weekend etcetera. I can say anything to your face and you still accept it.

  You furthermore countenance me to show off the world who I am. At times I show my pictures, tag friends, show my location… Moreover, I say where I reside, school, who I intend to see next… I am worried that at times you don’t give me enough time to think yonder.

I am confident that when am with you I can get the most recent news; a new-born in Hostel H or flooded rooms, what MUSO is up to, news on pledges by the new admin, floods in parts of the country among others updates. You always keep me one step ahead. But then you allow some person to use you to bring about their ideologies and customarily close their commentaries with “Riaaaah!” Ah! Others use you as a platform to gain popularity among the comrades to clinch the topmost seat with ease. Why do you allow them?

I don’t know what on earth will make me part with you. You have changed my world, my way of thinking and the way I deal with my issues. Be it anxiety, my funny friends or my irritating roommate. I am informed that some people have and are still messing around with you. They have tried to make you immoral and repulsive ruining your reputation. It is fascinating that billions of persons are connected to you and amazingly, many want to be with you. As much as you have transformed from the time when we met, you will be part of me. Am obsessed!

     The writer is a 3rd year LMC Student






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