Clan Politics in MUSO Politics ~ By OTIENO Rodgers

It is heartbreaking that as comrades are full of activity looking for transformation in muso, some individuals are busy scheming ways to rise into posts through political marriages bounded on pro-CORD and pro-JUBILEE rings, to make it worse some on the basis on their mother-tongues whose vocabulary cannot find space even in Aladdin-dictionary.

So heartbreaking that even the intellects in the universal institution of learning like Moi University, sit together in what they call ‘secret’ meeting discussing coalitions to enable them live to see MUSO. It’s high time we comrades open our other eyes and see this filth that are to be deposited by them and vote them out instead of bestowing them the privilege to lead us.

A plea to comrades time for change is now, we have the opportunity to make the system, which even the generation to come will take pleasure in their services. we, comrades we have arsenal, our votes, which can lay dead all the enemies to good governance in our institution, and later in our state in future times, which Is blubber of patriots of our beloved Kenya and comrades with thirst to transformation.

Those in scramble for and partition for post, its high time we side with issues affecting comrades, not persons. More time should be spent on searching possible ways to offer solution to the tribulations like accommodation crisis which has made them opt for life in ‘station 291, the Diaspora of Moi University’. It would be my delight if they consider such to be the top-most of their agenda of their meetings where they propose some individuals superlative for some post.

Comrades, lets carry out our democratic right of voting with a lot of sobriety and civility, lets learn from TSA aspirants whom of my opinion conducted their campaigns in pleasing manner, thumbs up to ‘our engineers’!

 The Writer is 3rd Year LMC SAAS Moi University Main Campus


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