The Girly-Girl Series – Life Episodes ~ By NDIEMA Sheila

I am very passionate about the lives of campus lassies. The spectacle that comes with it partly because it amazes me to look back and see the transformation I have undergone within the past three years. I have had so many experiences, part of which will shape the rest of my life.

I am no feminist seeking to empower women; we have been empowered enough, so much that our male counterparts are falling victim. Their needs have been overlooked. They are being strained both emotionally and physically. That could be the reason of escalating cases of men committing suicide or slaying their families.

Ever thought why roughly 80% of all crimes are committed by men? Why most drug and substance abusers are men? Why men cheat more? Who listens to these men? Who takes care of them, who empowers them, who natures them and how do they do it?

The society has taught men to go hard in everything, no compromise they are expected to provide for the family, offer security and basically work hard all their lives. Have you ever heard a single father sue for child support? Personally, I haven’t. Why? It’s beyond societal expectations.

On the other hand, ever thought why the most successful people on the planet hate men? Why they take up most leadership positions? (Inventors, Scientists, Philosophers, Politicians, Business). The society has given men voluminous responsibilities and challenges which could also bring you success of failure, those who have risen beyond them and utilized the best of their abilities have become some of the greatest people who ever existed and some have become the worst talk of Hitler, Osama.

Women too have a lot of responsibilities in equal measure come with challenges but the problem is, women tend to fall victim of their own circumstances then blame it on men. They then end up spending a lot of time and energy fighting these men. It is high time we realize that we women have long been liberated, its time we use the power we already have to rise above all odds. Till when shall we be banking for the men to call the shots?  It is time we looked beyond societal, familial and cultural mound that has shaped us. It is only when we women realize our potential as individuals and act up on it-pay up that bill, buy that car make that investment, be more independent, cut these men some slack, they work too hard.

 The writer is a 4th year SAAS, Moi University


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