Love Developing Expiry Dates ~ By ANANGWE Joshua Victor

Ever thought of a contract marriage? A marriage formed through a consent to last just for a specific period time-frame and then dissolved it totally upon the expiry of the contract?

              The societal change of doing things and the shift from the traditional way of making a life seems to be a continuous havoc to the ecumenism of life. I would not call it civilisation anymore because it’s a complete deviation from the norm.

  The issue of contract marriage has been gradually penetrating into our social order and with the issue of contract love too leading and controlling the modern man’s heart. This might just be the next common phenomenon in the next generation.

  When the issue of divorce fast struck Africa, many were of the idea that that is a western kind of life and the African child should never give it a second thought. But for ladies, some felt that this was a way of untying themselves from the chains of marital slavery especially those married off to men of their dislike and utmost old jerks who profusely “bribed” the girl’s folks to get her.

  Today, divorce has become like a humdrum lesson to be roofed in many African marriages worthy overtaking the practice from the momma countries. At times I feel that was the best arithmetic our fore fathers had calculated to meet the highest probability test for successful marriages. Marriages no longer last in this “digital’ generation. Love has developed expiry dates.

  Some people now claim that love no longer exists since sex is readily available. At times I may concur with such opinions, but at most I think that those who have been severely heartbroken are the true believers that love no longer exist. Or does it really exist? Some say it’s a matter of the guy spotting a stunning lady; when she assess whether he is provisional enough for her needs, then they call it love, when the two have all achieved their initial goals, they start abhorring each other and eventually break up because love never existed between them.

  In the current century where relationships don’t always last forever, about one in every two marriages end in a divorce, worse still, majority the youths divorce even before marriage. The rate of breakdown of relationships and unmarried relationships is even higher. Although you have the person you are living with and probably expect the relationship to last permanently, many of the relationships become a by-the-way kind of an affair. The game of “baba na mama” is slowly returning at a later stage.

Contract marriage is already invading the new generation’s minds at indispensable rates. Permanent marriage might soon become a thing of the willing man against willing woman. The issue is slowly taking route and there is realisation that most graduates especially ladies feel that a permanent man in their life is slavery in camouflage and a distract to their future developments. These so called ‘career ladies’. Some chose to remain single which becomes more dangerous and harmful to the young men and women in colleges who become their prey.

  How then can the contract marriage work out? Why call it marriage? The conventionalism of a man and woman coming up with a mutual consent of how long they should be together, who should get what in the end of the contract becomes a pulse of infinite hypothetical provisions. For instance, a contract that lasts for only five years, where the man has to cater for the woman’s financial needs like the kind of car she wants, filling her account with the necessary amounts of money as the woman takes the onus to make sure that at the culmination of the contract she has given the man two kids. The woman has to saunter away with the necessary cash and the Mercedes Benz as the man remains the curator of the children for life.

  The era of contract marriage might ruin the land of the African child or end the modern day slavery just like the inception of the divorce concept did.


The Writer is a 4th Year LMC-SAAS Moi UNiversity Main




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