Leaders we Need in MUSO ~ By NYAMAI Nick

A leader is someone with integrity, confidence, focus and ability to serve, deliver and move the people he/she serves forward. A good leader is one who despite the challenges and hurdles they face they keep on fighting hard while still retaining his peoples will at heart.

              The good leader not only maintains high standards, but also proactive in holding his office with gusto in order to achieve excellence. Great leaders have vision (see far beyond the present). They harbor clear, exciting ideas of where they are leading the people they serve and what they are trying to accomplish and are outstanding at strategic planning.

Unfortunately, this seems not the case in Moi University Students Union (MUSO) leadership. Those we much had confidence in, trusted and hoped they will give desired services to better studying have turned out to be the best indolent individuals. They will surely walk in the campus streets and still assume that their docket exists; they are not even sure of their core responsibilities to comrades.

Gone are the days you could meet a student leader and greet them with much respect, knowing in mind they represent you and work round the clock to ensure you live in a conducive learning environment. At the moment these individuals, having served their longest term in their specific dockets hardly realize they are serving comrades but instead ‘walking’ their shame in public.

Its time MUSO realized that comrades are fed up with a common lyric of complains falling on deaf ears. Its time we learned that the next student body should be highly noted and kept on close assessment to avoid a continuous repeat of the same old dance.

We shall never make the varsity a better place if we shall continue thinking in the limited scope of beliefs; that whatever promised by our leaders to be will eventually fall down like manna from heaven. Its time we involve our brains into a thinking process and listen to our little conscious voices that can tell of a sheep in wolf skin or a dare dark devil clad in white robes to be baptized as holy, hardworking and open minded. 

Its time to exterminate our minds with discretion while treating  to- be leaders,( those that  knock at our door at some rather late hour) with decorum but still leaving a room of doubt and much ado suspicion towards their whetting  appetite-that which we can smell from a distance.

When times come and comrades shall queue to vote in the 27th Student Governing Council, do so with hope of selecting people who are called to serve. Leaders with a track record and integrity

We should realize that we are the ones who distribute power to a selected few, and therefore it is their mandatory role to give back the power through working tirelessly and indeed meeting their manifesto goals.

  We may not need much, but at least a guiding light, a beacon of hope. A leader capable of realizing the plight of a comrade, a leader capable of accepting the fact that Moi is no longer the admired institution of higher learning and going back to the drawing board, fitting in the position of making better amendments and restoring the lost glory of a campus that has virtually everything other campuses has and still they are doing better-far much better than us.

  Congratulations to our fellow Technology Students Association (TSA) for having conducted a fair and justifiable electoral process. Its time we look forward and tell if the leaders chosen are worth the docket. All the best for the various leaders and make us proud by giving us the best of service.

 The writer is 4th year LMC SAAS Moi University 


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