Analogue vs Digital ~ By NYAMAI Nick


If you have been following the current political game of words, then by now you must definitely know where you belong. Are you analogue or digital?

This debate has generated heated exchange of bitter words between the political old big wigs and the fresh blood of young political gimmicks, who will risk anything to score a point or two.


  In this context, lets analyse the analogue finalist- who has stood the test of time in this campus in comparison with the digitalized fresha who is quick to breath the campus air of incredulity.


  An analogue finalist girl understands her self-worth, she may not win much attention in the public, but just like the analogue TV, experience and time has shaped her, she has a sense of identity and will not wait to be digitalized but instead prefers being at her comfort zones.


  Contrary to this, the digital fresh babe holds her head high wherever she passes, she will feel admired. Majority of the masculine gender will give her enough plus much more adoration. She is digital, she has a taste of clad, medium sized, with curves at the right places, she walks meticulously with her head held high (a sign of buoyancy) her beauty is accompanied by a warm smile. Her booty lines up proportionately with her body. She has her natural hair- well gloomed and you can’t avoid fixing your eyes on her. (not all)


  The analogue dude understands his instinct more than he can trust his mother, in fact the word TRUST no longer exists in his ‘dictionary’. (For my case I only trust my cartoons, those that I give much control and caption what they should say). The analogue dude wont just rush for that digital fresha but in fact switch her back to analogue first before crossing the border to her digital side.

  He has developed a bond with his coil; it will warm him whenever he feels cold and cook his food when hungry, he believes that simplicity is extraterrestrial and that life is an acceptance of reality and finding strength where you have been planted.

  The analogue babe prefers developing a closer attachment with her room, prefers her privacy, will have much to share with her inner-self while the analogue dude prefers living in a crowded room with lots of his so called ‘friends’, those that will hit on his new catch wherever he happens to be strolling somewhere in stage and she pops inn to give him surprise night visit.

  For the digital first year dude, he still follows much of his mothers’ advice, he will value himself and hope that one day, just maybe his digitalized babe will come back to her senses, ditch her analogue finalist and accept his unconditional love for her. 

  The digital first year babe is quick to lure, she gets much of her seductive gestures from the so called social blogs, she won’t just accept your vibes but she will also add  spicy lines even before you are done with the last sentence, and call you gewd lookin, kewl guy (good looking, cool guy) despite your analogue facade.  

The writer is 4th year—LMC SASS





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