By Nick Nyamai

Life is a continuation of lessons learnt in our past, the goals we set in the present and the status we long to be in the future. This future is shaped by the resolutions and choices we make as we grow.

Majority of people make resolutions, but lack the working strategy to meet the challenges. They give up the fight too early, even before the race begins. Well, it becomes even harder to hold on to something that you are not conditioned to. 
It is not our starting up that matters, what matters is the divert road we choose to travel, sure life is journey travelled only once, a journey full of obstacles, obstacles that shape us into hardened beings. 
We fall back to the past, because w e lack a constructive strategy during the changing process, we apply a high frequency in the start. Imagine running the marathon with the pace of 100 meters athlete? Trust me you wont get far past the 500 metres.
Making resolutions that work is not a one time pen and paper writing, it involves courage beyond determination, it calls for someone with a persistent spirit and a clear mental view of the end result. 
The first few months of the year (January, February and March) is what I will refer to as the resolutions transition period. During this stage, you try to see far, beyond your unconscious self. You must be positive minded with your ego. It is the most difficult phase. for example, if one of your resolutions’ was to quit smoking cigarette, what do you do with the bare fact at the back of your mind that you can always get it in any shop? What about your collegues who are smokers? Here you need a clear conscious because smoking is an addiction and stopping the act immediately will rarely work. 
Always remember that working on resolutions involves a daily review of what you decided at the beginning of the year. Again, you need to constantly remind yourself that “I am getting better everyday” you will never make it to the end, if you constantly view yourself wearing the shoes that pinched you in your past.
A resolution is a solution to a better you, it is a workable strategy that gives us another chance, to stand up again even when we fall down… Professor Randy Pausch, an American Computer Science guru once said that failure is not in falling down, but how long you stay down… so never dwell on your mishaps but focus on the goal, the end result.


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