By Aggrey Omurunga

In every existing institution, a leader exists. From home to company, a commander lightens and establishes the crew he/she leads. Leadership varies from one individual to the other. “A leader is born not made”, my grandpa would repeat.
The quality would not matter to most but in university with a difference?… does. Here leaders lead multiculturally mixed persons ,the whole lot just must be contented with the flexibility accommodating leadership they perceive nor hear. Drawing back to university with a difference, our leaders have miserably failed. They have dared ignorance in their duties and can now testify of the severe reaction they elicit. The worst blow, unluckily felt on the mutilated sensitive docket: entertainment. Evidently the docket is stuck wrecked, totally dry and drained not even to raise a mere peanut for the DSTV subscription fee. The man behind is blue, his presence virtual and his order…drowned in queer shame.
Four years down the line, though at times my presence has never endured such a long untidy shame . Maybe those were signs knocking, and now they have banged! One month now and even the much noisily lauded Mr President just forces a guilty face through the highways. Shame on you Mr chairman. Look back all the loyalty and trust you were granted and the best you can reciprocate .Really, are you happy with your deliverance as far as students expected from you? Do you even care? Oh, once praised now the theme to all gossips around. The legacy is fading in your face Mr Sir. Your problem solving skills is pathetic.
Look around at kick-off time, you just will realise you are the best in sign language. it’s written all over their faces: students, you are a loyal failure, maybe innocent. comrades are growling. The prize of the gamble is horrific. they can even enjoy evening news coverage.
With every passing day, the growing anticipated just fans flabby on the kick-off day. The most weak reason stands strong: subscription expired!!! Hello! Where am I? The question lingers in my mind with acute strings of pain fearing my heart. With anger, just how at Moi, Main campus, students centre, can this live to reign? 
It’s just the worst tearing pain I am subjected to endure at academic sphere where I am taught importance of leisure to an academicians. At the same time experiencing the exact opposite. I wonder if I would be a reflection of such terrible failures when my season expires from Moi subscription to the world.
It feels hungry being away from these eroded and lose leadership. Stiff scared should these leadership skills be nurtured.
It’s no doubt that this is the worst term served. Leaders deserve a tap on their back but this deserve an individual not a hard initiated reward. With a multitude of students, the count would best be far beyond just a tap. But leaders beware, everyone might just say: Sorry, I pity you!!! You have turned a rising alter into a crashing temple. 
Students centre is desperately turning into a monument in your eyes. Reciprocate the total doubtful trust we invested in you with loyalty. It pays no credit to serve on line :self mind.
With all these, you remind me of babu’s story! After a student being asked how much his father will refund if he was loaned Ksh10,000 on interested of Ksh 1000.
….the students confidently and adamantly lifts the hand to insist he wont pay back anything. Why “My dad does not pay back” What a miser-matics


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