Your Success Depends on Your Perception ~ NDIEMA Sheilla

Alex Chamwada is a famous man, he is known for his prowess political news reporting on citizen TV .That afternoon(29th January 2013), he was a chief guest and motivational speaker at the MUISSA information week forum. He gave a very inspirational talk on his journey to success. One of the very catchy advice I got from him is that one should never compare their inside to other people’s outside.


I have come to the realization that the problems we have are merely thoughts and most of it is self inflicted. The thing is, we tend to judge ourselves too much probably because we know ourselves better than anyone else.


I remember that there was a time my mum understood me better than I understood myself, when I was a child, when I dint have a mind to judge or a conscience to know right from wrong. As I grew older, I became more aware of my being, my environment and my circumstances, I knew what to be embarrassed about and what to be proud of, what to tell and what to keep secret.


The society has played a big role in shaping our perception. People are all the time judged by their face value, how they speak, dress, the kind of cars they drive and so on. No one really cares if you took a loan to buy the car, or how you worked hard to get that grade or if actually your looking good is all you have to show. We are so quick to judge too slow to look beyond the visible.


The truth is, we were all born into different circumstances, whether good or bad, but have really ever stopped and looked at us beyond our circumstances, beyond the perception of others, beyond comparison to any other person? What would happen if you put a different kind of energy into the universe, that instead of focusing on what you are not, you focus on what you are, instead of focusing on what you can’t, you focus on what you can. That you be inspired by other peoples’ success rather than feel intimidated.


We all have strengths, abilities, dreams that cannot be realized by others unless we ourselves see it in us. You have the power to be anything, and the only ingredient you need is you and a positive mind.




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